European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 2, No 3(s) (2013)

Special Issue on Accounting and Management

Guest editors:

Dr Mahmoud Dehghan Nayeri, Department of Industrial Management, University of Tehran, Iran

Dr Bizhan Abedini, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, Hormozgan University, Iran

Dr Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar, Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University, Qeshm Branch, Iran

Table of Contents

Social science section

The study of the effect of the working capital policies on the risk and the performance (profitability) of the enterprises PDF
Mohamadreza Abdoli, Mahboobeh Jalali, Bahram Sattari pp. 1-7
A survey of the effect of staff’s organizational commitment on effectiveness in municipalities of Yazd Province PDF
Ali Ahmadi, Hassan Donuqezelbash pp. 8-17
The relationship between product market competition and quality benefit accruals PDF
Masoud Ahmadvand, Sanaz Hadji, Saber Jalili pp. 18-24
Analysis between financial leverage with the stock price and the operational performance of the accepted companies in Tehran’s stock market PDF
Vahid Bahreini, Mehdi Baghbani, Rezvan Bahreini pp. 25-34
The relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and accounting measures of performance of the accepted companies in Tehran stock exchange PDF
Ehsan Ghadrdan, Mohammad Rashedi pp. 35-40
Study and prioritization of key factors impacting job motivation in a project-based organization in oil and gas industry PDF
Ahmadreza Etemadi pp. 41-44
Investigating the effect of economic value added on reporting of financial information PDF
Mahnaz Hosseininasab, Mahnaz Gholinezhad, Naier Alimi pp. 45-50
The effect of dividend policy on stock price volatility and investment decisions PDF
Roza Irandoost, Rasoul Baradaran Hassanzadeh, Heydar Mohammadzadeh Salteh pp. 51-59
Aquaculture capitalization five-fold scenarios sorting out: A case study in Khuzestan fishery PDF
Nastaran Joodzadeh, Mohammadreza Hamidi Zadeh pp. 60-69
The necessity for monitoring insurance companies and the reasons for developing Iranian accounting standard No. 28 PDF
Mehnoosh Mazaheri, Mohammad Nazaripour, Ali Malihi pp. 70-78
Investigating the relationship between resources and expenditures of Agricultural Bank and its effect on national production and Iranian Capital and Labor Support in Agriculture PDF
Mojtaba Poormazahaeri, Zohre Geravand, Mahmoud Hematfar pp. 79-85
The analysis of the effect of tax on profitability indices in listed companies of Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
M. Rajab Beigi, B. Rafat, H. Mozafari Panah pp. 86-98
The effect of personality characteristics of financial and executive directors on the quality of financial reporting PDF
Snoor Modaresi, Mohammad Nazaripour pp. 99-108
The impact of liquidity and transparency in the financial markets: A case study in Tehran stock exchange PDF
Maryam Noori, Saeed Anvar Khatibi pp. 109-115
Testing the rational expectations hypotheses on accounting numbers in Tehran stock exchange PDF
Mohammad Amin Hamzavi, Abbas Aflatooni pp. 116-123
The relationship between risk and return and banks income structure PDF
Xu Fengju, Rasool Yari Fard, Somayeh Yari Fard, Shima Ehsan Maleki pp. 124-129
Studying the effect of voluntary disclosure changes on firm value PDF
Danial Rahimi Esfesalari, Alireza Zarei pp. 130-136
Measuring performance of supply chain by relational network DEA: A game theory approach PDF
Hashem Omrani, Mehdi Keshavarz pp. 137-141
The investigation of the relationship between managers’ applied skills and entrepreneurship development: A case study in West Azerbaijan’s food industrial firms PDF
Maryam Noori, Saeed Anvar Khatibi pp. 142-147
Positivistic organizational behavior and research PDF
Rahim Roozbahani, Shiva Ehsan Maleki pp. 148-155
The relationship between financial leverage and profitability with an emphasis on income smoothing in Iran's capital market PDF
Xu Fengju, Rasool Yari Fard, Leila Ghassab Maher, Nader Akhteghan pp. 156-164
Evaluating performance of companies by new management tools PDF
S. Hasanloo, E. Karim, M.R. Mehregan, R. Tehrani pp. 165-169
Responses to group-work among accounting students PDF
Mohammad Ali Dehnavi, Maryam Dehnavi, Hadi Arezoobakhsh pp. 170-177
Administrative corruption: Ways of tackling the problem PDF
Parvaneh Mousavi, Masoud Pourkiani pp. 178-187
The role of electronic data interchange in electronic commerce PDF
Zohre Mobarakian Mousavi, Mojtaba Poormazahaeri, Abdollah Zehtabi Khozani pp. 188-194
Exploring the relationship between financial ratios and created shareholders value: A life cycle perspective PDF
Mehrnaz Shayan pp. 195-206
The effects of relational capital (customer) on the market value and financial performance PDF
Mohammad Bagher Taghieh, Sedigheh Taghieh, Zahra Poorzamani pp. 207-211
Analysis relationships among marketing mix dimensions’ and specific value of the brand (Case study: GENAVEH city banks) PDF
S. Zanganeh, M. Aminilari, I. Joke pp. 212-218
A study of the effects of implementing knowledge-management on boosting the organization capacity and management of construction projects in Iran PDF
Jamile Sadat Naji Esfahani, Saeed Ghanbarian pp. 219-223
The relationship between knowledge establishment and knowledge management factors: A case study in Agricultural Bank of Parsabad PDF
Daryoush Eshghi, Yashar Atazadeh Dadabeyglu, Asgar Hoseinzadeh pp. 224-231
The study of behavioral financial effect on individual investment PDF
Zeinab Rezaei pp. 232-236
Measuring economic value added and its comparison with other methods of evaluation of financial performance of management in state and private banks: A case study in Bank Saderat, Parsian Bank PDF
Akbar Aminimehr, Fateme Fathee pp. 237-242
The relationship between intellectual capital and earnings predictability in the companies listed in Tehran stock exchange PDF
Seyyed Yahya Asadollahi, Fatemeh Taheri, Malek Niazian pp. 243-250
Evaluation of settlement model of knowledge management in Iranian Steel Company PDF
Masoumeh Cheraghi, Mohammad Reza Hamidi Zadeh, Mohammad Hossein Pour pp. 251-260
Prioritizing critical success factors of knowledge management using FAHP: A case study in Refah Bank branches of Iran PDF
Ghanbar Amirnejad, Alborz Gheitani, Isa Mohammadi Goordagooni, Maryam Ahmadifard pp. 261-272
Determining the relationship between annual EPS and stock trading volume based on expectancy theory PDF
Somayeh Simorgh, Vahideh Tabibirad, Mahdieh Ahmadi, Mohammad Jalal Haj Amini pp. 273-278
Analyzing the effect of the quality of packing on customer behavior from Bushehr’s chain market customer’s point of view PDF
Reza Farashbandi, Rezvan Bahreini, Vahid Bahreini pp. 279-289
The impact of transformational leadership on public service motivation PDF
Seyyed Ali Akbar Afjahi, Hamed Dehghanan, Vahid Kashei, Reza Malmir, Maryam Karbalaei pp. 290-295
Satisfaction with performance appraisal from the employees’ perspective and its behavioral outcomes (case study of headquarters offices of Bank Refah) PDF
Farzad Fakhimi, Atefeh Raisy pp. 296-305
Effective factors on the determination of audit fees in Iran PDF
Zahra Karimpour pp. 306-313
Assessing prioritizing the key factors affecting job involvement of the employees among holding company of production, transmission and distribution of electricity management (Tavanir) PDF
Ahmadreza Kasraei, Mohammadreza Dadkhah, Malihe Sadat Mirabbasi pp. 314-319
The study of the dimensions and components of change management among the managers in Azad Islamic Universities (8th District Branches) and presenting an appropriate conceptual framework PDF
Seyed Habib Maktabi, Ariba Hanifi pp. 320-329
The study of the relationship between organizational structure and psychological empowerment among the staffs in Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance PDF
Jamshid Edalatian Shahriari, Jamshid Maleki, Pirhossein Koolivand, Mehdi Meyvand pp. 330-338
Identification and clustering of effective industrial at Tehran stock market based on minimum spanning tree of distance ultra-metric PDF
Darush Farid, Ahmad Farsoudeh pp. 339-347
The study of the interactive effect of culture and e-commerce in Iran PDF
Mohammad Hossein Morovati Khams pp. 348-352
The study of relationship between earnings quality and investment in capital assets on Tehran stock exchange companies PDF
Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar, Sarajeddin Mohebbi, Sayed Sajjad Moosavi pp. 353-358
Accounting information system versus management information system PDF
Hosein Alikhani, Noushin Ahmadi, Mahdi Mehravar pp. 359-366
The effect of participatory management style of managers on job satisfaction PDF
Ameneh Alizadeh Jorkouyeh pp. 367-373
Management information system, challenges and solutions PDF
Mehdi Babaei, Jafar Beikzad pp. 374-381
Providing a model of management accounting to reduce costs for economical firms by combining two strategic instruments of value engineering and target costing: A case study in Cement Co. SAMAN West PDF
Masoud Rostami, Milad Rostami, Ehsan Moradi pp. 382-390
The relationship between spiritual intelligence and taking responsibility with life quality PDF
Amine Ahmadi, Ghodsi Ahghar, Mohammad Reza Abedi pp. 391-400
EVA’s and REVA’s relative and growing information on benefit predictions in Tehran stock exchange market accepted companies PDF
Mokhtar Baseri, Mostafa Atefat, Satar Baseri pp. 401-408
Analyzing the effect of rating of liquidity, profitability ratios and dividend on performance of accepted investment companies in Tehran stock exchange PDF
Masoumeh Dashti Nezhad pp. 409-417
Economic value added and comparing it to other financial operational approaches for explaining company's market value in different industries in Tehran stock exchange PDF
Zahra Fathi, Sakine Shibe pp. 418-423
Presented a dynamic model with project management for successful implementation of continuous improvement PDF
Somayyeh Khalej Afshar, Mohsen Hamidi, Zahed Bigdeli pp. 424-429
Manipulation of stock price and its consequences PDF
Bahram Moazeni, Faride Asadollahi pp. 430-433
Determining and ranking criteria of product design using consolidated QFD approach and fuzzy logic in tire industry PDF
Mohsen Safaee Mehr, Habib Allah Javanmard, Marjan Mohammad Jafari pp. 434-438
The role of disclosure quality in financial reporting PDF
Arsalan Chamangard Khoram Abadi, Mohammad Hassan Janani pp. 439-443
Studying the relation between organizational justice and organizational commitment among the librarians of Khouzestan province ministry of science academic libraries PDF
Khalej Afshar Somayyeh, Hamidi Mohsen, Bigdeli Zahed pp. 444-451
Developing and ranking strategies for machinery companies via QSPM and SWOT matrix: A case study in Toolid Atash machinery company PDF
Ebrahim Abbasi, Farhad Abbasgholivand Vahdani, Seyed Hosein Ahmadi, Roshanak Behrouz pp. 452-461
Intellectual capital knowledge management: organizational value creation PDF
Soheila Asadi pp. 462-476
Determining the relation between financial reporting and employment creation in the framework of BCG matrix PDF
Mehdi Talebian pp. 477-481
Application of analytical network process for business intelligence performance assessment PDF
Fakhrieh Sadehnezhad, Mansoor Zaramnezhad, Maryam Ahmadifard pp. 482-492
Comparison between accounting profit and economic profit and its effect on optimal point of production PDF
Navid Vahid, Mohammad Reza Dehghanpour, Hamidreza Nasirizadeh pp. 493-499
The relationship between hardiness and burnout among the teachers of the universities and higher educational institutes - case study PDF
Ahmad Haji Moradi, Dariush Poursarrajian, Alireza Alizadeh Naeeni pp. 500-506
Identification and ranking of effective factors of marketing (controllable) to receive the services from free zone with MADM approach PDF
Alireza Farkhondezadeh, Sayd Hamide Rakhsha, Mehdi Roshan Fekr, Hamide Zarafshan, Foroogh Cheramy, Enayatolah Yahdy pp. 507-517
Professional ethics in accounting and auditing: A necessity or choice PDF
Mehdi Talebian pp. 518-526
Characteristics of a good criterion of the performance audit PDF
Jamal Mohammadi, Kurosh Heidari pp. 527-533
Investigating the main implementation factors of M-commerce: A case study in Saderat Bank, Iran PDF
Hedieh Khorasani Motlagh, Hengameh Khorasani Motlagh pp. 534-539
The effect of quality management processes (continuous improvement) on knowledge creation: A case study in telecommunication company of Hormozgan PDF
Arash Bakhsha, Abbas Afrazeh, Iman Boloury, Milad Gholamnejad pp. 540-553
Problems and dilemmas in decision-making in industry, mine & trade organization of West Azerbaijan Province PDF
Sorayya Ghasemi Dizaji, Seyed Alireza Ebrahimi pp. 554-565
E-Tourism: The role of ICT In tourism industry PDF
Alireza Farkhondehzadeh, Mahmod Reza Robat Karim, Mehdi Roshanfekr, Jamshid Azizi, Farrokh Legha Hatami pp. 566-573
The role of entrepreneurship on export performance of date in Iran PDF
Roksana Karimi, Sina Nematizadeh, Mehrandokht Nezam Shahidi pp. 574-579
Performance evaluation of petrochemical firms accepted in Tehran stock exchange using DEA (window analysis) PDF
Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar, Bizhan Abedini, Elham Afroomand pp. 580-588
The effects of fluctuations in capital market indexes in the developed countries during the global financial crisis on some corporate governance factors at the companies accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Vahid Shahrokhi Sardoo, Seyed Yosef Ahadi Serkani pp. 589-599
The evaluation of the effect of E-banking service quality on customers’ commitment of Parsian Bank of Tehran PDF
Mohammad Hossein Morovati Khams, Somaye Moradi pp. 600-606
Money laundering and its effect on social and political economy in Iran PDF
Mojtaba Poormazahaeri, Zohre Geravand, Mahmoud Hematfar pp. 607-609
Explaining the relationship between accounting conservatism and cost of capital in listed companies in Tehran stock exchange PDF
Mohsen Hassani, Mohammad Hedayati, Azita Mohammadi, Mohyedin Adel Lesan pp. 610-615
Characteristics of a lovely school from the perspective of students and teachers PDF
Asad Yeganeh pp. 616-623
Reviewing the relation of information technology with management styles among the managers of Shiraz high schools PDF
Forough Zare, Soheila Zarinjoi Alvar, Masumeh Khalilzadeh pp. 624-633
Total Quality Management (TQM) in Iranian primary schools teachers PDF
Alireza Farkhondehzadeh, Mahmod Reza Robat Karim, Mehdi Roshanfekr, Jamshid Azizi, Farrokh Legha Hatami pp. 634-640
Studying the effect of green marketing mix on market share increase PDF
Mehdi Abzari, Faranak Safari Shad, Ali Akbar Abedi Sharbiyani, Atefeh Parvareshi Morad pp. 641-653
A survey of the relationship between disclosure quality (on time and reliability) and accruals management in the financially distressed companies PDF
Somayyeh Papi, Sead Ali Vaez, Mohammad Ramzan Ahmadi pp. 654-665
The effective strategies for preventing high school students’ academic procrastination PDF
Asad Yeganeh pp. 666-671
Ranking of manufacturers of mechanical parts based on a fuzzy multi-criteria decision making method: A case study in Iran National Steel Industrial Group PDF
Mohammad-Ali Keramati, Masoumeh Khezerloo, Mohsen Golbaharzadeh, Mostafa Golbaharzadeh pp. 672-685
Theoretical study on the distribution of profit earnings and stocks returns PDF
Mohsen Rajabi Mohamad Abadi, Hamid RezaVakili Fard pp. 686-691
The problem of scheduling surgery room with approach of maximizing preferences of hospital management and surgeons: A case study in Saadi Hospital of Isfahan PDF
Mehrdad Baghbani, Saeedeh Ketabi, Arezou Atighechian pp. 692-699
Advanced decision support systems for managers PDF
Mohammad Omidvar, Fariba Bordbar pp. 700-708
Optimization of cost and scheduling parameters through Earned Value Management in construction projects: A case study on the project of telecommunication buildings construction and installation and implementation of equipment in Bandar-Emam Khomeyni PDF
Ehsan Lorghaba, Ali Narimani pp. 709-716
Ethics in accounting and auditing PDF
Mahboubeh Khodapanah, Mansour Garkaz, Ekram Darzi, Bentol Hoda Hossien Zargari pp. 717-723
Organizational innovation, barriers and factors PDF
Masoud Pourkiani, Hossein Shojaee Farahabadi, Majidreza Dahmardeh Komak pp. 724-731
Motivational style for the project team PDF
Alireza Shahbazi, Sajjad Ardeshiri pp. 732-736
A survey of the relation between TRIZ and quality PDF
Masoud Pourkiani, Majidreza Dahmardeh Komak, Hossein Shojaee Farahabadi pp. 737-746
Optimization of transport system in cement industry: A Case study in Omid Siman Darab Cement Manufacturing Company PDF
Mina Salehi, Mohammad Ali Soukhakian, Mohammad Reza Mozaffari pp. 747-754
Intellectual capital measuring methods PDF
Maryam Valizadeh Morady pp. 755-762
Designing and defining the knowledge sharing management system between governmental organizations PDF
Ahmad Ali Yazdanpanah, Rasool Motazedian, Mohammad Ghassem Mirzaei pp. 763-770
Investigation of the effect of agency costs on firm performance of listed firms in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Hossein Jabbary, Zohreh Hajiha, Roghaieh Hassanpour Labeshka pp. 771-776
The pattern of knowledge sharing in organization with social interaction approach: A case study in the Research Department of National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company PDF
Seyed Mehdi Alvani, Qanbar M. Elyasi, Yousef Vakili pp. 777-789
The integrative approaches based on multi-criteria decision making models under uncertain condition for capital budgeting by considering the quality criteria: A case study in Industry and mine bank of Kurdestan province PDF
Saghar Sarafi, Parviz Kafcheh, Hiwa Farughi pp. 790-797
The auditors’ duties against money laundering and economic corruption PDF
Hamid Dehghan pp. 798-808
The relationship between job satisfaction and teacher retention among Iranian high school teachers PDF
Ayoob Ebrahimi pp. 809-814
The study of the relationship among career success, career competencies, and knowledge management PDF
Rezvan Mohammad Rafiei pp. 815-824
Analytic assessment of effects of enacting clause No. 272 of direct tax regulations on tax incomes in the general tax office of Yazd PDF
Mahdi Zare Bidoki, Abolfazl Dareh Zereshki pp. 825-838
The role and position of organizational culture in knowledge management in government-owned banks of Gilan Province PDF
Mohammad Ghorbani Azar, Sajjad Karimi, Saeid Mohammadi pp. 839-846
The role and impact of entrepreneurship on unemployment rate PDF
Arezoo Sadeghi, Azam Sadeghi pp. 858-862
New methods for captive finance in project based companies using private sectors supply PDF
Mehdi Mahdavi Adeli, Mahmoud Eskandari Malayeri, Omid Naghavi, Reza Akbari pp. 863-869
Using mathematical methods for analyzing financial statements PDF
Mohsen Hassani, Abolfazl Farahani, Mohammad Hedayati, Mohammad Najafi Ghodsi pp. 870-874
Weighting indicators of employee performance evaluation using Taguchi experimental design approach PDF
Mehdi Hatami Manesh, Seyed Mahmood Zanjirchi pp. 875-880
A study of the relationship between corporate governance features and bankruptcy by using survival analysis PDF
Maryam Mokarami, Zeinab Motefares pp. 881-887
The study of the effect of emotional intelligence and team effectiveness of staff: A case study in headquarters staff of the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Finance PDF
Mohsen Mohamadian Saravi, Alireza Mikaeeli pp. 888-901
The influence of economic and market added values on financial performance of the firms listed in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Maryam Noori, Maryam Gara Ja’afari pp. 902-907
A survey of the relationship between EQ and organizational entrepreneurship of the employees of Bank Maskan in Kerman province (Iran) PDF
Mahmoud Montazeri, Ali Mollahosseini, Mohammad Ali Forghany pp. 908-914
Using the Internet in the E-Marketing PDF
Mohammad Ziaaddini, Shima Omidvar Abarghooie pp. 915-921
Student Industrial Management, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, IRI PDF
Farshid Farokhizadeh pp. 937-942
The investigation of knowledge management role to improve the function of virtual organizations PDF
Mojtaba Lati, Zahra Rezaei, Samira Mahmoudi pp. 943-949
The study of the effect of market competition on agency costs PDF
Ehsan Heshmatzadeh, Samireh Yeganeh, Mahdieh Sargolzaei Moghaddam pp. 950-958
Measuring the organizational intelligence of the experts and managers of the cement factory in Sistan PDF
Bagher Kord, Mohammad Ghasemi, Aghil Khazaei Amin pp. 959-967
A study of the impact of TQM on organizational performance of the Telecommunication Industry in Iran PDF
Shekoufeh Nekoueizadeh, Siavash Esmaeili pp. 968-978
Relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction PDF
Farzaneh Setoodeh Nezad, Mohammad Reza Bahramzade pp. 979-984
The evaluation of relationship between firm-specific characteristics and unitary disclosure of the companies listed in Tehran stock exchange PDF
Vahid Taghavi Fardoud, Hussein Jabbari pp. 985-995
The study of the role of professional ethics in accounting PDF
Ghanbar Ali Yazdani, Davoud Nikzad, Esmael Alinia pp. 996-999
The rate of using financial and non-financial indices in performance measurement of power distribution company in Markazi Province PDF
Sayed Sajad Mousavi Motahar, Ali Reza Zamaniyan, Masoumeh Dashtinejad pp. 1000-1005
Evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the strategic planning in educational organization of Kerman PDF
Fatemeh Zeinaddini Meymand, Esmat Hassan Pour, Ebrahimmirshah Jafari pp. 1006-1011
A study on the relationship between human development and intellectual and human capital in banking industry PDF
Mahdi Moradi, Ali Sheybani, Abdullah Habibi Moheb Seraj, Zahra Sadat Hosseini Sadr pp. 1012-1022
Investigation into the relationship between knowledge management process and strategic thinking capacity in Mazandaran Gas Company PDF
Zahra Mohammadpour, Ali Karami, Moslem Rassouli pp. 1023-1033
The study of the effect of dividend earnings on the quality of earnings with emphasis on the industry type PDF
Mahdiye Ebrahimpour, Heydar Mohammad ZadehSalteh, Rasoul Baradarane Hasan Zadeh pp. 1034-1042
The role of banks in the realization of resistive economy goals PDF
Mohammad Ghorbani Azar, Sajjad Karimi, Saeid Mohammadi pp. 1043-1051
Studying the relationship between organizational intelligence and organizational agility in supreme audit court PDF
Masood Porkiani, Mohsen Hejinipoor pp. 1052-1060
The effect of capital management on stock returns of accepted companies in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Omran Bammeri, Naser Dehani pp. 1061-1069
Cost of quality and quality optimization in manufacturing PDF
Ali Khozein, Jamal Mohammadi, Mahdi Abbasi Zarmehri pp. 1070-1081
The study of influence of E-Branding on developing E-Commerce by using AHP method PDF
Hossein Najafi, Najmeh Morshedlou pp. 1082-1088
A comparative study of factors affecting customer satisfaction in private and public sector hospitals in Tehran PDF
Abolfazl Khosravi, Ali Anvari pp. 1088-1093
Impact of Kaizen implementation on performance of manufacturing companies’ staff PDF
Fariba Rahmanian, Ziba Rahmatinejad pp. 1094-1103
The study of the effect of brand name on customer loyalty PDF
Hossein Najafi, Fateme Rahmani pp. 1104-1113
The study of the relation between organizational climate and knowledge sharing behavior among employees at Isfahan university of medical sciences PDF
Arezoo Erfan, Siad Ali Siadat, Arefeh Erfan pp. 1114-1119
Recognizing and ranking the impediments of private sector investment in sport of Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari province from the view point of managers, experts and accountable sporting party PDF
Ali Naderi Lordegani, Saadatollah Salehi, Ebrahim Alidoost Ghahfarokhi pp. 1120-1125
The comparative analysis of national accounting standards and Iranian taxation laws PDF
Elias Sarvi, Ali Fayyaz, Mohsen Sarvi pp. 1126-1131
Identification and evaluation of factors influencing outsourcing of activities: A case study of gas company of Mazandaran Province PDF
Ali Akbar Jafarizadeh, Aref Abdi, Maryam Karbalaei, Reza Malmir pp. 1132-1137
Cost-benefit analysis in patients with cancer (esophagus, gastric) in North Khorasan Province PDF
Ali Nemati, Ibrahim Abbasi pp. 1138-1146
Staff empowerment PDF
Roya Afrasyab, Arezoo RahimzadehYangeh Ghaleh pp. 1147-1152
Coordination of marketing strategy with business strategy by reference points theory PDF
Ali Sadouni, Mina Babazadeh Farokhran, Leyla Yasini pp. 1153-1158
The study of the relationship between perceived quality of electronic services and Melli bank customers’ citizenship behavior in Ilam Province PDF
Ali Abolfathi, Zeynab Tollabi, Yasan Allah Pourashrf pp. 1159-1168
Activity-based costing and its impact on management accounting PDF
Heydar Mohammadzadeh Salteh, Mohammad Hedayati, Ali Harzandi, Bahram Mehdi Pashaee pp. 1169-1176
The effect of stock market on the company’s investment in Iran (Price Informativeness Perspective) PDF
Raha Sahraeian Jahromi, Iman Jokar pp. 1177-1180
A model for brand equity determination using structural equations modeling PDF
Amir Jamal Omidi, Mohammad Ali Afshar Kazemi, Sahar Setaiesh, Vahid Reza Mirabi, Mina Jamshidi pp. 1181-1189
The estimation of investment risk in an asset portfolio by using value at risk method (VAR) PDF
Bita Shaygani, Mohammad Hussein Pourkazemi, Ali Sori, Yeganeh Mosavi Jahromi, Faramarz Tahmasbi pp. 1190-1197
An analysis of human resource strategic planning in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences by applying SWOT model PDF
Narges Mir Sargolzaei, Abdolali Keshtegar pp. 1198-1201
An investigation of the effect of time management on the academic improvement of Iranian graduate students PDF
Reza Saeidian, Iqbal Paktinat pp. 1202-1209
The relationship between liquidity and the company size with company value in companies listed onthe Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Ahmad Khodamipour, Shahram Golestani, Majied Khorrami pp. 1210-1217
The study on the relationship between outsourcing services of health notebook issuance with satisfaction of Zahedanian citizens PDF
Abdolmajid Khazei, Abdolali Keshtegar pp. 1218-1225
The recognition and ranking of the factors affecting the development of Iran’s hand-woven carpet bazaar in global markets PDF
Fatemeh Nalchi Kashi pp. 1226-1235
Evaluation of effects of deployment automation system on integrated automation system office and financial: A case study in Municipality of Qazvin and affiliated organizations PDF
Mahdi Rizvandi, Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand pp. 1236-1243
How to increase agricultural entrepreneurial skills PDF
Somaye Sadat Morshedi Estahbanaty pp. 1244-1251
TQM implementation and their impact on employee performance and synchronization in standard cost system PDF
Milad Rostami, Masoud Rostami, KHadijeh Jalilian pp. 1252-1257
Approaches and the evolution of schools in strategic management PDF
Alireza Kazemi pp. 1258-1272
Effect of health on economic growth: A panel data study of developed and developing countries PDF
Heydari Somayeh, Mohammadi Teymoor, Shariat Bahadori Mina pp. 1273-1278
Financial strategies and investigating the relationship among financial literacy, financial well-being, and financial worry PDF
Mahmoud Moein Addin, Shahnaz Nayebzadeh, Marzieh Kalantari Taft, Mohammad Mir mohammadi Sadrabadi pp. 1279-1289
Investigating the impact of VAIC on Q and GR PDF
Emad Rezaei pp. 1290-1296
Informational value of fundamental accounting variables in asymmetric information environment PDF
Hamide Mirzaei, Mahmoud Moeinaldin, Forough Heirany pp. 1297-1302
Economic value added of intellectual capital on the market value of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
H. Hemmati, A. Mohammadi, N. Rezaeyan pp. 1303-1307
The relation between real earnings management and managers error in earnings per share forecast PDF
Mohammad Reza Shahriari, Hojjat Hatefi Majoumerd pp. 1308-1314
An integrated approach to analyze strategy map using BSC – FUZZY AHP: A case study of Dairy companies PDF
Ali Sorayaei, Aghdas Abedi, Rasoul Khazaei, Mehrdad Hossien Zadeh, Seyd Mehdi Seyd Aghaei Agha Maleki pp. 1315-1322
The role of intellectual capital management on the empowerment of organizations PDF
Aliakbar Shahri Mejarshin, Hossein Bodaghi Khajehnoubar pp. 1323-1328
Investigation of the effective factors on branding in cosmetic and hygienic products (Case study: Ladies consuming cosmetic and hygienic products with local brands) PDF
Seyed Abbas Mir Ebrahim Esfahani, Behjat Alzaman Azghandi, Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini pp. 1329-1337
The study of factors influencing on SMEs entrepreneurs' creative construction for export-import in Iran PDF
Seyd Reza Mosavi Zadeh, Mehrdad Hossien Zadeh, Afshin Emani, Aghdas Abedi, Ali Nedaei pp. 1338-1346
A factor analysis of identifying the customer behavior patterns: A case study in Tehran PDF
Ali Akbar Jowkar, Hooman Derakhshanian, Mirza Hassan Hosein, Zeinol Abedin Rahmani pp. 1347-1353
Analysis and comparison of the effective factors on implementation of knowledge management (Case study: Customs supervision office of Mazandaran Province) PDF
Sayed Ali Nabavi Chashmi, Afshin Emani, Mehrdad Hossien Zadeh, Behrouz Rezaei Kalantari, Ali Asghar Akbarian Servin Baghi pp. 1354-1362
The effect of financial ratios on auditor opinion in the companies listed on TSE PDF
Tahere Moradi Ghale Rudkhani, Hossein Jabbari pp. 1363-1373
Using combinational method DEMATEL and ANP with fuzzy approach to evaluate business intelligence performance PDF
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The survey of knowledge management role on the organizational entrepreneurship: A Case study in vocational school of Mazandaran PDF
Jamileh Hadizadeh pp. 1387-1390
The study of effective factors on risk management in Isfahan Steel Mill PDF
Sareh Eini Najafabadi, Ali Karbasi pp. 1391-1396
Evaluating the efficiency of intellectual capital through data envelopment analysis approach (Case study: Automotive industry and component manufacturers) PDF
Fatemeh Kalantar pp. 1397-1406
Factors affecting entrepreneurial attitudes of MA students in Islamic Azad University (Babol Branch) PDF
Majid Fani, Morteza Valiollah Por, Mehrdad Hossien Zadeh pp. 1407-1411
Organizational crisis management PDF
Alireza Kazemi pp. 1412-1422
The role of entrepreneurship in tourism industry development PDF
Sahar Samiei, Mostafa Akhoondzadeh pp. 1423-1430
The relationship between culture and individual factors in appliance buyers PDF
Ahmad Askari pp. 1431-1438
Impact of environment and cultural index to development of the desired model buying habits: A case study among Iranian customers PDF
Ali Akbar Jowkar, Hooman Derakhshanian, Mirza Hassan Hoseini, Zeinol Abedin Rahmani pp. 1439-1448
Performance evaluation of the social security branches in Tehran using a combination of fuzzy data analysis model and balanced scorecard PDF
Mohammad Mahmoudi Meymand, Leila Karim Khani pp. 1449-1456
Empowering human resources of organizations based on social investment strategies PDF
Mosayeb Nazeri pp. 1457-1465
A study on the role of relational information processes and technology usage in customer relationship management(CRM) in the State Tax Organization (Case study: Tehran office of VAT) PDF
Mahrokh Mokhtaran, Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Moghaddam pp. 1466-1475
Contractors ranking in construction projects based on a fuzzy decision-making method: A case study in the National Iranian Oil Company PDF
Mohsen Golbaharzadeh, Saeed Shahbazi, Mostafa Golbaharzadeh, Hojatolah Asadinasab pp. 1476-1483
An analysis of factors affecting the rate of students' tendency to foreign media at the Islamic Azad University-Mianeh Branch PDF
Rafat Attari, Nasrin Oskoui pp. 1484-1492
The evaluation of global citizenship education lessons in primary school Curriculum and teachers' perspective regarding the attention of the textbooks’ content to the global citizenship PDF
Azadeh Mahmoud Nejad Moghadam pp. 1493-1503
Assessment methods to finance small and medium enterprises (SME) in Qazvin Province PDF
Kurosh Rahmani, Forogh Rodgarnezhad, Karim Kiakojory pp. 1504-1511
An analysis of the rate of customer's adoption of Sinai Bank's electronic services in Sistan and Baluchestan Province PDF
Abdolali Keshtegar, Nasir Khani, Farhad Piri pp. 1512-1519
Analysis of human resource management in an electronic financial system PDF
Rasool Yari Fard, Asal Bakhshian, Rahim Roozbahani, Shima Ehsan Maleki pp. 1520-1529
The effect of reliability improvement actions and providing warranty policy type LIC and FRW/LSW on price range of used devices PDF
Mahsa Soltani Neshan, Ezzatollah Asgharizadeh pp. 1530-1539
Economic design of X̅-control charts under generalized exponential shock models with uniform sampling intervals PDF
D. Aghabeig, M. B. Moghadam pp. 1540-1545
An analysis of the effects of taxes and GDP on employment in Iran’s economy PDF
Arash Ketabforoush Badri, Monireh Dizaji, Shahrnoush Allahyari pp. 1546-1553
The earnings management and its impact on investment decision making in capital assets PDF
Zohre Moradi, Farzaneh Nassir Zadeh pp. 1554-1558
The investigation of Lavidge and Steiner model’s capability in measuring the advertising effectiveness of fire insurance (Case study: Insurance company in Mashhad) PDF
Tooraj Sadeghi, Masoomeh Hasan Khani, Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini pp. 1559-1567
Investigating the implementation of statement No. 34 of Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB#34) in the municipalities of Kerman province PDF
Mahdi Bahar Moghadam, Gholamabbas Nazari pp. 1568-1574
Investigation the effect of corporate governance on the financing cost PDF
Yazdan Bagheri, Ali Reza Rouzbahani Pari, Mohsen Nikseresht pp. 1575-1581
A study of the effect of the element of price on the absorption of customer in international contracts of drilling industry: A case study in North Drilling Company PDF
Seiied Mohammad Bagheri, Mona Afghanpour, Seiied Mohammad Aghapour Hasiri pp. 1582-1589
The project of application and measurement of Machine industry business competitive strategies PDF
Elahe sheikhi, Ali sheikhi, Mohammadreza Dalvi pp. 1590-1597
Development of strategic plan in relation to exportation PDF
Seyed Jafar Masoudi, Bahareh Namdari pp. 1598-1609
Analysis of the influential factors in organizational commitment (Case study: Islamic Azad University Staff- Mashhad Branch) PDF
Narjes Faramarzi, Narjes Khodaverdizadeh pp. 1610-1615
Determining the relation between using knowledge management and learning organization to perceived competition-creating organizational climate based on the mediation of career achievement motivation PDF
Farangis Elyasi, Farhad Shafiepour Motlagh pp. 1616-1623
Evaluation of critical success factors in total quality management implementation and prioritization with AHP - case study: Pars Oil and Gas Company PDF
Alireza Yazdani, Mohammad Ali Soukhakian, Mohammad Reza Mozaffari pp. 1624-1633
Evaluation of computer networks with administrative structure at Islamic Azad University PDF
Javad Roostaei, Mansoor Aminilari, Amin Tousi pp. 1634-1644
Factors Affecting the development and establishment of the cost of quality system for consumer goods producing companies in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Fahimeh Balalaei Someie Saraee, Somaieh Banikhedmat, Mostafa Navid Talemi pp. 1645-1652
The investigation of audit quality on the cost of financing PDF
Yazdan Bagheri, Mohsen Nikseresht, Ali Reza Rouzbahani Pari pp. 1653-1657
The relationship between information technology and organizational success of Yazd executive systems PDF
Mohammad Hosein Salmanroghani, Shima Omidvar Abarghooie pp. 1658-1664
Investigating the relationship between organizational climate and organizational commitment and organizational effectiveness among school managers: A case study in Fars province in Iran PDF
Seyed Ahmad Hashemi pp. 1665-1671
Surveying the effective factors in improving high school management from the viewpoints of school administrators and teachers of Urmiah City, Iran PDF
Reza Shakoorzadeh, Mehdi Najjari, Masoud Najjari, Mohammad Reza Jadidi, Hamed Shirzade, Kamran Mamghaderi pp. 1672-1677
Quality evaluation of Payam Noor University of Isfahan in the field of student based on Baldrige Excellence Model PDF
Farangis Elyasi, Maryam Bagaii pp. 1678-1683
Proper and efficient teaching by implementing smart schools PDF
Keramatollah Nouri Hassanabadi, Seyyed Javad Iranban pp. 1684-1688
Evaluation of the managers’ communication skills based on systematic approach in Petroleum Welfare Services Company PDF
Rasoul Boroon pp. 1689-1695
The relationship between information and communications technology (ICT) and organizational learning in Department of Youth and Sports of Alborz Province PDF
Roghaye Ghaloojeei, Reza Nikbakhsh, Shahram Alam pp. 1696-1701
The relationship between job satisfaction and self-esteem in teachers: A case study in Aliabad University PDF
Seyyed Hossein Hosseini Ghafari, Masoumeh Samii pp. 1702-1705
The role of motivation in achieving management goals PDF
Akbar Jadidi Mohammadabadi, Ali Hosseinzadeh Ghasemabad, Mohammad Naji, Ali Jabbari Zahirabadi pp. 1706-1710
The effect of product mix and price on increasing sales of products manufactured in Butane Company PDF
Rasoul Baradaran Hassanzadeh, Amin Boluori, Morteza Akbari Vane abad, Karim Abri Kheljan pp. 1711-1716
Introducing the rate of managers familiarity with management duties in the view of guidance school teachers PDF
SJamal Barkhoda, Abdullah Rahimi, Tayebe Mousavi Amiri, Zahra madani pp. 1717-1722
Studying the relationship between reciprocal services in the supply chain based on the gap model PDF
Somayeh kevenjani Olia, Esmat Bavali, Farokh Golbaz, Rezvan Mohamadi, Sayyed Javad Iran ban pp. 1723-1729
Assessment of technological capability in Iranian automotive industries through developing the model PDF
Abbas Khamseh, Mohammad Mohagheghi pp. 1730-1736
The study of the relationship between the performance of fuzzy goal programming method and production factor promotion PDF
Kamaledin Rahmani, Naser Feghhi Farahmand, Houshang Taghizadeh, Arash Hajikarimi pp. 1737-1741
The study of effectiveness of social capital, organizational capital and knowledge on entrepreneurship PDF
Atena Abedi, Hossein Derakhshanian, Hamidreza Chareh Joy, Amir Hossein Nabaei pp. 1742-1748
XBRL new thinking in financial reporting PDF
Rasool Yari Fard, Shima Ehsan Maleki, Shiva Ehsan Maleki pp. 1749-1762
Developing a model for innovation assessment in Iranian steel industry PDF
Abbas Khamseh, Fatemeh Jalali pp. 1763-1768
Survey and comparison of the management factors affecting teaching-learning process in smart and ordinary schools of Bojnourd PDF
Sorur Sefidgar, Javad Iranban pp. 1769-1773
Overview of XBRL technologies for decision making in accounting information systems PDF
Amir Hosein Asadi pp. 1774-1778
Identifying factors fostering organizational communication and organizational empathy: A study on employees of University of Medical Sciences, Ilam, Iran PDF
Javad Abdi, Hossein Eslami, Hasan Dehghan-Dehnavi pp. 1779-1783
Investigating the role of changes in the future of organizations PDF
Sayeed Mohsen Allameh, Mahmood Daniali Deh Houz pp. 1784-1792
Presenting a fuzzy model for fuzzy portfolio optimization with the mean absolute deviation risk function PDF
Mehdi Alinezhad Sarokolaei, Heydar Mohammadzadeh Salteh, Azadeh Edalat pp. 1793-1799
Consumer rights in Iran’s telecom: Investigation effective drivers on permission base mobile marketing PDF
Amir Bigdeli, Pejman Jafary, Farhad Ghaffari pp. 1800-1811
Electronic human resources management and the effectiveness of human resources management PDF
Seyyed Abdorasoul Hosseini, Khalil Nematollahi pp. 1812-1819
The effect of social capital on knowledge management in boy’s high schools in Malekshahi city, Iran PDF
Mazdak Jamshidi, Behzad Abdollahi pp. 1820-1825
The relationship between earning accrual component and earning cash component with return and dividend PDF
Narges Bijari, Mojtaba Hosseinpour, Jamal Mohammadi pp. 1826-1832
The relationship between financial leverages and total efficiency of the production factors among companies recognized in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Leila Hamid, Mostafa Hosseinpour Chelansofla, Zohreh Hajiha pp.1833-1838
Gauging the levels of capacities in power plant industries PDF
Majid Farahani, Abbas Roshan Ardakani pp. 1839-1846
Evaluating and ranking the quality of services criteria based on the combination of KANO and SERVQUAL models: A case study in Shiraz Branches of Samenalaeme Institute PDF
Javad Iranban, Mohamad Ali Sokhakian, Parvin Dehghan Abnavi pp. 1847-1853
A study on the role of transformational leadership in employee empowerment PDF
Yaser Mohammadnia, Mohammad Khorami, Vali Teymourzadeh pp. 1854-1858
The role of influential perceptual dimensions on the client's use of Internet banking services: A case study in Pasargad Bank PDF
Naser Azad, Fataneh Alizadeh Meshkani, Faezeh Ghanbari pp. 1859-1865
Financial reporting quality and information asymmetry (A case of Iranian firms) PDF
Ahmad Yaghoobnezhad, Ramazanali Royaee, Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri, Mehdi Safari Gerayli pp. 1866-1872
Developing technology strategy for consulting engineers in water sector PDF
Ahmad Doost Ali, Syavash Farrokhi, Hadi Hassanpour pp. 1873-1882
Evaluation of economic value added as an effective tool to run the value-oriented management system PDF
Fatemeh Babaei, Narges Bijari, Kamran Mohammadi pp. 1883-1889
Studying the relationship between human resource practice with organizational citizenship behavior by emphasizing the role of organizational commitment in Agricultural Banks of Golestan Province PDF
Seyede Fatemeh Hosseini, Seyed Javad Hosseini pp. 1890-1897
Information and communications technology offices: A solution for economic and social development of villages (A case study on rural district of Khosrow Shirin, Abadeh, Iran) PDF
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A study on the cultural challenges facing Iranian organizations PDF
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Effects of utilization of the components of learning organization in higher education PDF
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How to investigate tax trial fairly and its Role on economic epic PDF
Sheyda Baradaran Bazaz, Ali Hajipour, Mohammad Ali Taheri pp. 1917-1922
Investigating the challenges and opportunities of Iranians' national identity in the age of globalization PDF
Alireza Sami'ee Esfahani, Mohammad Hajipour pp. 1923-1930
The question of developing a framework for organizational survival PDF
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Monetary and financial policies in Iran’s economy through using money neutralization tests PDF
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The analysis of the effect of private and state educational and health care expenditures on the economic growth of Iran PDF
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Investigating the relationship between the institutional ownership and conservative elements in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Zahra Amirhosseini, Arash Amini pp. 1953-1959
The role of social trust in willingness to share tacit and explicit knowledge among faculty members of University of Sistan and Baluchestan PDF
Abdolali Keshteh Gar, Soheila Okauti, Morad Mirzadeh Kouhshahi pp. 1960-1969
The study of the effect of knowledge management on organizational innovation based on mediating role of organizational learning among headquarter staff of developing Karoon Oil and Gas Company PDF
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Management of electronic learning (e-learning) and knowledge: A tool to promote higher education PDF
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The study of oil incomes on the employment in Iran based on auto regression model with wide intervals PDF
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A study of the relationship between organizational learning and EFQM excellence model in University of Tehran PDF
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Evaluation of commitment strategy toward social capital: A case study in Payam Noor Universities of Ardebil PDF
Rahimeh Soleimanzadeh pp. 1992-2000
The relationship of organizational health with infractions and administrative corruption (Case study: Isfahan’s real estates and documents registration office) PDF
Sayed Doraid Mousavi Mojab, Hossein Javadi pp. 2001-2012
Drawing a framework of effective factors in increasing children's playing role on their psychic maturity PDF
Fariba Hanifi, Habib Maktabi pp. 2013-2021
The study of the relationship between managers’ roles and motivation among personnel PDF
Mehdi Ebrahiminejad, Sina Zeynali pp. 2022-2029
Review and prioritization of export promotion programs on export performance of top export companies using Fuzzy Promethee PDF
Niloofar Imankhan, Soheila Rashidi Estalkhi pp. 2030-2037
The analysis of fluid intelligence of adolescents based on their birth order and gender through the perceived parenting style PDF
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The role of e-learning in entrepreneurship development PDF
F. Safarzadeh pp. 2045-2050
Examining the role of knowledge management in empowering Sistan and Baluchestan University’s staff PDF
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The role of people systems in lean production in enhancing performance perceptions and work-related attitudes PDF
Anahita Salari, Hassan Farsijani, Behrouz Dori, Mohammad Reza Hamidizadeh pp. 2059-2066
Assessment of local organizations characteristics based on social capital in cities: A case study in Tehran local councils PDF
Mohamad Moayedi, Paria Parsa pp. 2067-2072
Examining the factors affecting earnings persistency among the listed firms in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Simin Rajizadeh, Sepideh Rajizadeh pp. 2073-2079
Comparing the performance and problems of pre-school centers and kindergartens in Varamin city in Iran PDF
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Principles and essentials of strategic decisions PDF
Fatemeh Irani Kermani, Sina Zeynali, Seyed Sadegh Alavi pp. 2090-2098
Beyond the myth of the equity-efficiency trade-off: A theoretical approach PDF
Mohammad Sadra Sadeghi, Jaber Mohebati, Zohre Mohebati pp. 2099-2107
Designing the fit model for selection and promotion of managers by Fuzzy AHP approach. A Case study (Mazandaran universities) PDF
Ali Sorayaei, Mehrdad Hossien Zadeh, Afshin Emani, Parya Hajian, Mohaddese Jafari, Hossien Alipor Alamdari pp. 2108-2115
The eventuality of property rights on economic growth in developing countries PDF
Ahmad Shams, Mahnaz Rabiei, Seddigheh Kani, Babak Shid pp. 2116-2125
Which needs should be emphasized to help novice teachers? The findings of a qualitative-quantitative study in primary schools of Tehran PDF
Naser Yaqub Nejad Qayen, Hasan Reza Zeyn Abadi, Sara Naimi pp. 2126-2137
The investigation of effective factors on implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) in Final Distribution Chain PDF
Tahereh Monavary, Zahra Karimpour pp. 2138-2145
Investigating the relationship between the average asset age of recognized companies in Tehran Stock exchange with their performance and evaluating the rationality of market reaction against bubble of indicator of function PDF
Seyyed Youssef Ahadi Sarkani, Mohammad Talebi pp. 2146-2151
The study and evaluation of stocks’ valuation models in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Amin Akbari pp. 2152-2160
Analysis of the factors affecting development of e-banking services in Iran PDF
Mohammad Ahmadi Nia pp. 2161-2166
Codification technology strategy in Iran power industry PDF
Ahmad Jannati Far, Yousef Sarafraz pp. 2167-2176
Investigating the relationship between client importance and audit quality: Evidence from TSE PDF
Mahdi Omidfar, Hojatollah Atashi Golestani, Hamed Einafshar, Mahbobe Taheri pp. 2177-2183
Designing a model and historical cost calculation of services by ABC method and budgeting By ABB method PDF
Fatemeh Jahandari, Mohammad Hossein Ranjbar, Mohammad Mohebbi pp. 2184-2194
The study of relationship between transformational leadership style and organizational performance in state offices of Sirjan City based on EFQM model PDF
Abbas Atapour, Iqbal Paktinat, Mahsa Ahmadi Zeydabadi pp. 2195-2205
The condition of entrepreneurship process in Mazandaran sport organizations PDF
Taghi Ashouri, Mohammad Reza Boroumand, Azam Fazli Darzi pp. 2206-2210
Study of accountants’ performance to combat money laundering PDF
Atefe Maleki, Farshad Rahimi pp. 2211-2217
Optimum management of time as an important practice for boosting productivity in organizations PDF
Alireza Farkhondezadeh, Mehdi Roshanfekr, Mehdi Esmaili pp. 2218-2221
Examining the implementation of competency-based approach to increase the efficiency in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences PDF
Narges Mir Sargolzaei, Mohammad Ghasemi pp. 2222-2227
Phenomenon of random walk on Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Amir Mohammadzadeh, Mohammadreza Monjazeb, Sepideh Saadati pp. 2228-2232
Examining the relations between principals’ self-Image and conflict management styles PDF
Mohadese Montazeri, Zeinolabedin Montazeri, Fatemeh Montazeri pp. 2233-2239
Influence of security information management in cyber environment on electronic banking efficiency PDF
Mehrnaz Pak Nejad, Roghayeh Javadi, Jamal Mohammadi pp. 2240-2248
Human resource accounting: From theory to practice PDF
Payam Mahmoodi, Fatemeh Babaei, Jamal Mohamade pp. 2249-2255
XBRL and its impact on internationalization of Iran capital market PDF
Atefe Maleki, Farshad Rahimi pp. 2256-2261
A study on the role and importance of information technology in the establishment of knowledge management in training and education PDF
Habib Reza Ghafarian Shirazi, Mahmoud Qhorbani, Roya Afrasyabi pp. 2262-2270
Information and communication technology and entrepreneurship development PDF
Farzad Mirrezaei, Mohammad Mirrezaei, Khanom Goli Pourkaeid pp. 2272-2277
An evaluation of the comparative advantage of pistachio export and its effective factors PDF
Niloofar Imankhan, Sara Taheri pp. 2278-2283
The extent of the effect of information system on the quality of executing the information technology strategy from the perspectives of the managers of the steel and aluminum corporations of Hormozgan Province PDF
Zahra Vazifeh, Malihe Saravani, Vahide Gorgij, Morad Mirzadeh Kouhshahi pp. 2284-2292
The effect of stock market situation on investment among Iranian firms PDF
Raha Sahraeian Jahromi, Karim Nemati pp. 2293-2297
IT auditing, types and dimensions PDF
Jamal Mohammadi, Mahmoud Toujaki, Kamran Mohammadi pp. 2298-2303
Investigating and explaining the relationship between inter-organizational factors and organizational agility by using structural equation modeling method PDF
Zeinab Zarat Dakhely Parast, Saeed Vanaki, Farsad Abdar pp. 2304-2311
How is it possible to improve professional features of teachers? PDF
Mohammad Bigdeli, Yadollah Kasirloo pp. 2312-2320
Analysis of the role of internal control in performing the responsibility of managers of public sector PDF
Jamal Mohammadi, Ali Ghaffari, Alireza Hadavi, Kamran Mohammadi pp. 2321-2330
The relationship between the quality of accounting information disclosure and corporate performance in the capital market of Iran PDF
Yosef Kalhor, Norollah Mirza Hosseini, Mohammad Javad Alipour pp. 2331-2334
Analysis and comparison of factors affecting the absorption of bank resources in Mellat and Parsain banks of Bushehr Province PDF
Gholam Reza Gashtasebi, Ali Momeni, Fazlolah Lak pp. 2335-2344
Analysis of the relationship between internal marketing and customer focus on employees among Sepah bank branches PDF
Niloofar Imankhan, Soraya Charakdar pp. 2345-2354
Studying the relation between quality of work life dimensions and organizational commitment in Saderat Bank employees PDF
Janmohammadi Behzad, Shahmandi Elham pp. 2355-2360
The study of the role of organizational culture in airport productivity PDF
Abbas Mohamadi, Mostafa Ghadiri, Ozra Ghasemzadeh Moghaddam pp. 2361-2365
Analysis of effective factors on the behavioral tendencies of customers of fast food restaurants PDF
Javad Khazaei Koohpar pp. 2366-2373
The study of the possibility of eliminating franchise in selected medical centers under insurance contract affiliated to medical sciences universities and other centers regarding service grading PDF
Leyla Karimkhani pp. 2374-2380
Investigating the conversion of cash accounting to accrual accounting and its effect on the quality of financial reporting PDF
Mahmood Hemmatfar, Farshad Rahimi, Atefe Maleki pp. 2381-2387
The relationship between organizational health, teachers' organizational commitment and their perception of elementary schools principals at Region 2, Esfahan in the academic year 2012-2013 PDF
Asghar Bahramian, Narges Saeidian pp. 2388-2396
Relationship between the Internal and External criteria of evaluation and the reward of board of directors in listed companies of Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Manoochehr Khoramin, Farzaneh Abyar, Ghodratolla Talebnia, Ahmad Naeimabadi pp. 2397-2403
Stock market forecasting using artificial neural networks PDF
Parsinejad Shahbaz, Bagheri Ahmad, Ebrahimi Atani Reza, Javadi Moghaddam Jalal pp. 2404-2411
Evaluating the effects of ERP systems on performance and management accounting in organizations PDF
Hamidreza Vakilifard, Shahla Abbaszadeh Meinagh, Mohammad Reza Khataee pp. 2412-2426
Assessing the effect of supportive factors of knowledge management architecture on organizational intelligence PDF
Seyyed Ali Davoudi, Ali Najarzadeh Sharifabadi, Javad Ashrafi pp. 2427-2434
An integrated method for ranking of risk in BOT projects PDF
Mohsen Askari, Hamid Reza Shokrizadeh, Mahdi Naghdian pp. 2435-2446
A study of using BPR and TQM in E-commerce PDF
Farshid Kheirollahi, Farhad Shah veysi, Aroosha Majidipour, Parastoo Majidipour pp. 2447-2453
Investigating the relationship between auditor tenure and the size of the audit firm with earnings management in pharmaceutical companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
Mahmoud Moeinadin, Forough Heirany, Hamid Moazen pp. 2454-2465
An investigation into the effect of Likert's leadership styles on empowering Iran insurance company's staff PDF
Seyed Mehrdad Miraftab Zadeh, Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Majid Hasankhani pp. 2466-2474
Investigation of the development obstacles of the informational literacy of faculty members in Region 1 Universities, Iran PDF
Eisa Amiri, Seyed Ahmad Hashemi, Abolfazl Abbasi pp. 2475-2481
Web-based social marketing for quitting drug abuse PDF
Ashkan Allahyari, Ali Hashemzehi, Mohadesseh Hashemzehi, Seyedeh Negin Mirgati pp. 2482-2496
Changing in Costing Models from Traditional to Performance Focused Activity Based Costing (PFABC) PDF
Fatemeh Kowsari pp. 2497-2508
Investigating the relationship between management information system and empowering employees: A Case Study of employees in Agriculture Bank PDF
Eslam Aghapour, Zahra Poursaeid Bonab, Leila Karimi Molan pp. 2509-2516
Examining the relation between affective intelligence and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) PDF
Zahra Eshaghi, Khadije Rahmati Nia, Nemat Allah Fayaz, Leila Rahmati Nia, Ali Mohammad Sheikh Abadi pp. 2517-2522
Investigating the effect of brand experience on reaction of sport goods consumers (Case study: Nike and Adidas sports apparel consumers in Iran) PDF
Mahrookh Mokhtaran, Fereshteh Bakhtiyari pp. 2523-2529
Examining organizational learning effect on company flexibility, competitive strategy and operation: A case study in Esfahan Foolad Mobarakeh Company PDF
Mohammad Reza Dalvi, Mahsa Darabi Boroujeni pp. 2530-2539
Patients' rights charter: A review of studies in Iran PDF
Ameneh Seyed Farajollah, Hesam Somayeh, Shaghayegh Vahdat, Hamidreza Ardalan pp. 2540-2550
Factors affecting the earnings response coefficient: An empirical study for Iran PDF
Mahboobe Hasanzade, Roya Darabi, Gholamreza Mahfoozi pp. 2551-2560
A comparison of factors influencing special value in Samsung and Nokia Mobile based on customers’ approach PDF
Seyed Heydar Hosseini, Masoumeh Afshari pp. 2561-2566
Description of bureaucracy structure of the university and job – alienation of its staff PDF
Mahboubeh Jan Alizadeh, Abbas Ali Gholam Hosseini Frizhendi pp. 2567-2575
Designing and explaining brand equity model in higher education PDF
Akram Hadizadeh Moghaddam, Hoshang Asadollah, Manizhe Garache, Ali Akbar Charmahali pp. 2576-2585
The assessment of the relationship between organizational culture and transformational leadership model in Ilam hospitals, Iran PDF
Saeed Kazemi pp. 2586-2591
The effects of electronic banking development on Iranian banks’ profitability (2005-2010) PDF
Ahmad Salah Manesh, Fatemeh Shah Mohamadi, Amir Kiani pp. 2592-2606
Analyzing the service quality in mobile ad hoc networks PDF
Mehdi Safarpour pp. 2607-2611
Impact of customer relationship management (CRM) on marketing performance: A case study in Mellat bank of Mazandaran Province PDF
Ali Sorayaei, Hamid Reaz Valiollahi, Mehrdad Hossein Zadeh, Seyed Hossein Ghoryshian, Amir Masoud Dinari pp. 2612-2619
The study of the effect of relationship between value added economic, operating cash flow, and the stock market value of pharmaceutical companies PDF
Maryam Zarat Dakhely Parast, Javad Delkhak, Esmaeil Jamshidi pp. 2620-2625
Analyzing and studying educational pyramid and changes in demographical indices of Tehran students during the school years 2000-2010 PDF
Mohammad Mahdi Rezaie, Masoud Rezaee, Maryam Ahmadzadeh, Vali Ahmad Kermaj pp. 2626-2638
Determining maintenance strategy by using Fuzzy Group MADM approach PDF
Esmaeili Mohammadreza, Seyedi Seyed Masoud, Iranban Seyed Javad pp. 2639-2647
Assessing relative efficiency of human force by DEA model PDF
Ebrahim Karami, Zohreh Fayez pp. 2648-2656
Investigating the effect of brand extensions on brand mental image (Case study: Distribution branches of Minoo Foodstuffs in Mazandaran) PDF
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Prime costs of hospital services in Ghaem hospital in Firouzabad, Fars PDF
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Management of risk rights between the investee government and projected company in BOT contract projects PDF
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Using data mining techniques for improving customer relationship management PDF
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Auditor style, auditor changes and financial statements comparability PDF
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A study on the successful implementation of infrastructure projects through BOT Untitled
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Analysis of the impact of executive directors on the tax level of the companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange PDF
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Formulating the strategy of prevention and control of crisis in Ministry of Education in Tehran PDF
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Help-seeking or help avoidance: Important motivational, personality and metacognitive antecedents role in help-seeking and help-avoidance between normal and gifted students PDF
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Performance Evaluation of the Supply Chain in Persian Gulf Petrochemical Holding Company PDF
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Presenting a New Strategy to Extract Data Clustering Heartbeat Samples by Using Discrete Wavelet Transform PDF
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The Presentation of Modeling an Ethical Leadership Consistent with Public Organizations in Iran PDF
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Investigating the Effective Factors in Creating and Increasing Bank Debts in Rafah Bank of Hamedan Province PDF
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Performance evaluation and ranking of insurance companies in Tehran Stock Exchange by financial ratios using ANP and PROMETHEE PDF
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The Impact of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sponsorship Programs on Brand Equity: A Case Study among Customers in Samsung Products in Tehran PDF
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