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An integrated approach to analyze strategy map using BSC – FUZZY AHP: A case study of Dairy companies

Ali Sorayaei, Aghdas Abedi, Rasoul Khazaei, Mehrdad Hossien Zadeh, Seyd Mehdi Seyd Aghaei Agha Maleki


In an environment, which is highly competitive and everything changes rapidly, managers of organizations face with problems such as how to identify important factors preventing organizations from optimum use of available resources and capacities and invest more on key factors. To achieve this goal, we need to develop an effective strategy map for organizations. The strategy map is a constructional and expanding procedure to identify relationships among all the organization's strategic goals, which play a key role in achieving competitive advantage. Undoubtedly, representing a model to identify and to evaluate the important items for each of available goals in strategy map of each organization is a significant help for management to access higher competition benefits. In this paper, strategic objectives in the strategy map of one of the best producer of electric auto part makers in Iran called Electric Vehicle Co. East are evaluated based on balanced score card perspective and to assign appropriate values to available factors we use a hybrid method consist of AHP technique with Fuzzy logic.


Strategy Map, Fuzzy Logic

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