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Analysis relationships among marketing mix dimensions’ and specific value of the brand (Case study: GENAVEH city banks)

S. Zanganeh, M. Aminilari, I. Joke


Nowadays, what has included the control of the efficiency and profitability of the banks and financial institutes is a complicated factor and a widespread concept called marketing. Since banks are regarded as the economic pulse of the country, the active persons and the professionals in this field have recognized it is essential to use the appropriate marketing techniques to get the hinge share of the market in which they are for the sake of utilizing the opportunities for achieving the smart strategies of the marketing. The point which is very important in this complicated and competitive situation with the development of banks day by day, and banks will develop a especial fame and brand with the use of marketing techniques, is that if a bank can develop a especial fame and brand with marketing, it will assign huge and noticeable profit among the other banks as well as a lot of bank customers. In this research, the analysis relationships among Marketing Mix Dimensions’ and Specific Value of the Brand has been studied. The Marketing Mix Dimensions of each of the banks in the light of price, product, place and promotion is studied and Specific Value of the Brand is also studied whiten four indices including understanding quality commercial business brandy, loyalty and having, information of commercial fame and brand. This research in the light of purpose is and applicable type and in the viewpoint of method is descriptive and of correlation, in which library studies, and questionnaire distributions have been used for collecting the information and date. Sampling has been carried out by the simple random method, and the questionnaires have been distributed among personnel and customers of the banks including: Mellat, Melli, Keshavarzy, Tejarat, Refahekargaran, Ayandeh, Sepah, Toseh taavon, Eghtesadenovin and Saderat which have been chosen among other banks randomly. The results of this research show that there exists a significant relation between Marketing Mix Dimensions of the banks under study and Specific Value of the Brand.


marketing, marketing Mix, price, product, place, promotion, and Specific Value of the Brand.

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