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Analysis of the relationship between internal marketing and customer focus on employees among Sepah bank branches

Niloofar Imankhan, Soraya Charakdar


Today, due to increasing expansion of service industries, the issue of service marketing and service quality have become an important issue for organizations. In recent years, organizations have tried to provide appropriate service quality and better satisfaction for external customer through external marketing concepts and approaches. One important properties of services is direct interaction of staffs with customers and the important role of customization behaviors with customers. Therefore, in order to have better quality services and finally satisfaction of external customers, staffs (internal customers) should undertake company's objectives and views and have customization behaviors. Previous studies show that very close interaction and relationship is necessary between external and internal marketing .Therefore, this study was done to assess the internal marketing actions and its relations to customization in Sepah Bank. The method used in this study is descriptive and correlational. The study population were 230 employees and managers of the branches of this bank in Tehran. According to Krejcie & Morgan table, 143 people were selected as samples by simple random sampling method. The results show that there is a positive and reasonable relationship between internal marketing actions and staff's customization. Also, there is a reasonable relationship between internal marketing elements in this research such as views, training, psychological cost of learning, communications, coordination, rewards, and performance assessment and employees (staff) customization.


internal marketing, services marketing, customization, Sepah Bank

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