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Relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfaction

Farzaneh Setoodeh Nezad, Mohammad Reza Bahramzade


These days, we have found out the ability of emotions in human life and we have found out role of emotions in human activities. In recent years, literatures gradually tend from logical intelligent to emotional intelligent. Since 90th, this concept has been used in management research. Thus, if managers and clerks have higher emotional intelligence, they can mix emotions and positive feelings, solve problems, by choosing suitable strategies, omit available conflicts, and rise job satisfaction. Consequently, this research tried to investigate relationship between emotional intelligent and job satisfaction. The sample study was clerks of water organization in Mashhad and included a random sample and sample determined based on Cochran formula of 80 people. All of analyses did by SPSS software and we used Excel software in order to draw the tables. We measured emotional intelligence and job satisfaction throughout using two standard questionnaires. Questionnaire of emotional intelligence had various questions which were based on 5-point Likert scale (from 1- strongly agree, to 5-strongly disagree). We tested normality by K-S test. Then, we used Pearson regression in order to investigate relationship between emotional intelligence and job satisfactions. Based on result of the research, significant relationship exists between self-confidence and job satisfaction. Moreover, as result of coefficient, regression is positive; the relationship is positive and significant. In other words, by increasing self-confidence of clerks, job satisfaction will increase. We concluded that for improving emotional intelligence of clerks it is necessary to pay attention to self-confidence and self-awareness more than to the other factors; on the other hand, two factors of self-awareness and self-confidence are related to individual behavior components. Thus, we concluded that it is important to emphasize on individual behavior of people in order to improve emotional intelligence for increasing job satisfaction. Meanwhile, among individual behavior should more emphasize on self-awareness and self-confidence.


Emotion, Emotional intelligent, Job, Job Satisfaction, Clerks

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