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Analysis of human resource management in an electronic financial system

Rasool Yari Fard, Asal Bakhshian, Rahim Roozbahani, Shima Ehsan Maleki


In recent decades, studies conducted by researchers suggest that information and communication technologies have had a profound impact on human resource management. Experts believe that electronic Human resource management can potentially reduce administrative costs, increase productivity, shorten response times, improve customer service and develop decision-making process and therefore helps human resources management to be more strategic, flexible, and also more affordable in terms of cost. Today, the necessity of using Automated financial system, due to its potentiality of quick timely and accurate access to information, is clearly evident in most companies and organizations. So that, considering information needs and presence of the computer requires the use of Automated Systems. This study examines the impact of e-HR management systems of accounting, auditing and financial systems as well as other related issues in this context. In the present study the concept of Electronic Human Resource Management, analysis of the impacts of this technology on financial systems, the process of tax systems improvement, update information and financial statements is analysed and solutions and suggestions provided to improve these relationships.


E-Management, E-HR (Electronic Human Resource Management), E-Government, Financial System

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