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Analysis of effective factors on the behavioral tendencies of customers of fast food restaurants

Javad Khazaei Koohpar


In this research, the effective factors on the behavioral tendencies of the customers of fast food restaurants are studied. Also, factors such as food quality, service quality, mental pictures, perceived value, behavioral tendency, faithfulness and satisfaction are considered. The research method with regard to data collection is descriptive survey and it is an applied research. In order to collect the required information and data for research hypotheses, questionnaires (primary resource) as well as books, articles, theses and data bases are used as secondary resources. The collected data from questionnaire were entered into SPSS software for descriptive research and Lisrel software was used for inferential statistics and also extracting and confirmatory factor analysis model and structural model was used. Statistical population of the present research includes all customers of Super Star chain restaurants in Tehran and the sample population regarding facilities and spatial limitations are 384 samples. This study aimed at analysis of the effect of parameters of mental picture and perceived value on customer satisfaction and then this research examines the effect of customer satisfaction on his behavior intentions in Buff chain restaurants. The results of this research show that all factors mentioned greatly affects customers' behavior intention; as a result managers of Buff chain restaurants should take into account customers' satisfaction on customers' behavioral intentions for the positive effect of factors such as service quality, food quality, mental picture of restaurant, the perceived value by the customer.


food quality, service quality, mental picture, perceived value, behavioral tendencies, faithfulness, consumer satisfaction

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