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A factor analysis of identifying the customer behavior patterns: A case study in Tehran

Ali Akbar Jowkar, Hooman Derakhshanian, Mirza Hassan Hosein, Zeinol Abedin Rahmani


Studying shopping habit patterns of the customers is an area of interest among the marketing experts. Identifying these patterns provides suitable information for planning in relation to marketing, and identifying this profile could present useful information concerning the target group. Therefore, this piece of research seeks to identify the customers’ shopping habit patterns and has been carried out by means of the survey method. The statistical population includes the customers in Tehran province from among whom 496 individuals were randomly selected (based on Cochran’s formula) in observance of appropriate attribution. The research tools include a questionnaire, the validity of which was verified according to the views expressed by a group of lecturers at the Payame Noor University of Tehran. Then, in order to examine the reliability of the questionnaire, 30 copies were distributed to the customers as pre-test. The Cronbach’s alpha (a = 0.80) suggested that the research tools is highly competent for data collection. Research findings indicated that the people’s shopping habits in Tehran province may be summarized in 10 factors which totally demonstrate 56.31% of the customers’ shopping habits in a factor pattern and 33 items based on the data. Finally, practical suggestions are put forward for planners.


Customer Shopping Habit, Explorative Factor Analysis, Tehran Province

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