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A comparative study of factors affecting customer satisfaction in private and public sector hospitals in Tehran

Abolfazl Khosravi, Ali Anvari


The purpose of this study is to investigate and compare factors affecting customer satisfaction in public and private sector hospitals. The study is based on a survey of 385 customers of Tehran city hospitals. The sampling approach is cluster sampling, which is taken from private and public sector hospitals. Primarily interviews were used to identify behavioral and organizational factors, which affect customer satisfaction. Then using a questionnaire in Likert scale type we gathered the data. The data were analyzed with SPSS software package. The effects of some customer-related factors on satisfaction of customers are tested in this study. These factors include good behavior with patients, qualified services, accountability of personnel and the patients’ attitudes. The results show a positive relationship between these factors and satisfaction of customers. Based on the satisfaction level of the patients, this study also shows that there is a significant difference between public sector and private sector hospitals. In fact, the satisfaction level of patients in the private sector is higher than that in the public sector.


Customer Orientation, Hospital Management, Accountability, Customer Satisfaction

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