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A comparison of effective factors in creating delays from the contractors’ and the employers’ point of view in construction of schools in Tehran

Samira Rahimipour, Vahid Shahhosseini


Time is one of the most fundamental factors in investment projects which are directly or indirectly affecting other factors. Since the reconstruction of Iran's schools as one of the Executive agencies, dedicates a large portion of Iran's annual credit to itself, paying attention to the effective factors in the delay in timely delivery of the organization's projects can result in increasing productivity and its performance. The purpose of this study is to identify factors in the delay of the organization's projects in Tehran province from the employer and the contractor's perspective. In the meantime, the qualitative information by using face-to-face interview with the experts and experts of both parties were collected as well quantitative information which has been prepared through a questionnaire. The results of two groups have identified factors like   high inflation in Iran , low affordability of the contractors, delay in financial demands of the contractors by an employer, offering lower prices by contractors, weaknesses in the management of financial resources and lack of familiarity of the contractors with the principles of engineering and workshop management. Also, each group has pointed out factors as effective reasons which are at a low priority of the other group. Identifying these categories of factors can help every researcher to find the claim causing factors in doing the projects by  this organization.


delay factors, school renovation, claims, time Introduction

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