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A comparison of factors influencing special value in Samsung and Nokia Mobile based on customers’ approach

Seyed Heydar Hosseini, Masoumeh Afshari


This study examined the factors influencing special value of the cell phone brands: Nokia and Samsung in the consumers' views; the universe includes all students of Islamic Azad University, Malayer who had Nokia or Samsung cellphone in 2013. Considering the universe number was not clear the Kokeran formula was used to define the sample size and the sample number became 267 ones with standard of error ten percent. The sampling was simple random. By the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test it became clear that the data distribution is not normal so Mann Whitney statistic method was used to test the hypotheses (To compare two independent universes). The findings indicated the views of the consumers using Nokia and Samsung brands were significant differently concerning 'Loyalty to the brand', 'Brand association', 'Awareness of the brand' and 'Perceived quality' (The mean of four mentioned dimensions of Nokiais more than the Samsung's).


Brand special value, Loyalty to the brand, Brand association, Awareness of the brand and Perceived quality

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