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Optimum management of time as an important practice for boosting productivity in organizations

Alireza Farkhondezadeh, Mehdi Roshanfekr, Mehdi Esmaili


Starting point of obtaining skills in time management is individually different .Most people think they can get better than what they are with the help of time management. The best opportunities or the worst ones usually occur at unexpected time which we might not be ready for. Here, the question is "what is time management?" It can be said it is the best use of seconds and opportunities one faces .Therefore, in this paper, efforts has been done to provide practical ways so as to use the time in an optimum way. By definition, time management is determining main purposes as a first step and writing them down on a paper followed by next and main step: regular planning as well as hard efforts which finally lead to aims access. However, in the case of absence of one of the mentioned factors, it would be either impossible to realizing aims or you may be exercised lots of expenses leading to no qualitative results.


productivity, optimum, time management, purpose

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