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Analyzing and studying educational pyramid and changes in demographical indices of Tehran students during the school years 2000-2010

Mohammad Mahdi Rezaie, Masoud Rezaee, Maryam Ahmadzadeh, Vali Ahmad Kermaj


One of the effective factors in planning is paying attention to the increase and decrease of student population. In this study, using a variety of resources, it has been attempted that the growth changes and population decrease in the student population of Tehran in a 10-year period and considering the measures such as population density in-class students, the educational staff ratio, academic pyramid, the separation of school, number of classes and other aspects will be dealt with. Obviously, the results and findings of this potential research could be used in educational planning and population policy. In the present study, the method of data collection was done using the quantitative techniques of demography and a variety of statistical calculations. The research findings showed that the student population, number of classes and schools and the staff of ministry of education are being significantly decreased and has been associated with a negative growth rate in all levels.


student population, the academic pyramid, class, school, educational staff

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