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Studying the effect of green marketing mix on market share increase

Mehdi Abzari, Faranak Safari Shad, Ali Akbar Abedi Sharbiyani, Atefeh Parvareshi Morad


Concepts such as green marketing-environmental and social marketing have been proposed in marketing literature over time for acting to social responsibility of corporations. Green marketing which is known as sustainable marketing too is a process that is implemented today even in developing countries. Due to the issue of preserving the environment consumers rethink about the products they purchase. Nowadays, many consumers are prepared to pay a higher price for the products which observe environmental standards for actual protection of the environment. The present paper intended to study the effect of green marketing mix on market share increase in manufacturing companies. To this end, one primary hypothesis and twelve secondary hypotheses were proposed. The survey was conducted using descriptive-applied method and researcher self-made questionnaire was tool of data collection. The statistical population included one-hundred fifty nine employees of a manufacturing company among whom one hundred persons were selected as research sample using Cochran formula. The results revealed that there is a significant and positive relation between green marketing mix and market share increase and all hypotheses were confirmed. The present paper has implications for managers of service and industrial corporations and marketing and management researchers.


green marketing mix, green marketing, market share, social responsibility of the corporation

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