European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 11, No 4 (2022)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Cervical Cancer Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors among Women Employees Working in Star Hotels in Gondar Town, Ethiopia PDF
Mequanente Dagnaw, P. Srinivasan, G. Mallika, Thamimul Ansari Peer Mohamed, Alemu Tebje, Zewdu Baye, Meera Indracanti pp. 862-873
Biodegradation of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by a Bacterial Consortium Isolated from the Red Sea of Jeddah PDF
Nouf H. AL-Essa, Bothaina A. Alaidaroos, Samyah D. Jastaniah, Reem M. Farsi, Fatemah S. Basingab, Najwa M. Alharbi, Jeyakumar Dhavamani pp. 918-931
Biocontrol of Some Fungal Pathogen that Cause Plant Diseases by Some Bio Agents PDF
Hawazen H. Khallaf, Magda M. Aly, Reda Amasha pp. 1015-1027
Superantigen as a Promising Immunotherapy Treatment against Cancer: A Review Article PDF
Safiyah H Al Zahrani, Sahar El Hadad pp. 1072-1084
Proximate Analysis and Antioxidant Potential of Schizophyllum commune Ethanolic Extract PDF
Ricky B. Acanto pp. 1375-1385

Social science section

The Facilities and Incentives for Entrepreneurship in a Resource-Based Economy: A Review on Industrial Sector PDF
Faiz Alfazzi pp. 874-886
Role of Socio-Economic and Personal Factors in Dropping of the Children in Jammu: A Case Study PDF
Rajeev Rattan Sharma, Mohan Galgotra pp. 887-900
The Effect of Organizational Culture and Work Motivation on Teacher Performance in Private Schools in Central Jakarta PDF
Anita Yosepha, Dinn Wahyudin, Mohammad Ali pp. 901-908
Efficiency of Working Capital Management by Firms Listed in BSE SENSEX PDF
Waseem Bashir, N. Gunasegari, N. Periyasami pp. 909-917
Teaching Tertiary Physical Education in the New Normal: Gains, Drawbacks, and Suggestions PDF
Datu Ibrahim S. Angkay, Ruben Jr Lagunero Tagare pp. 932-945
Effects of Demographic factors on job stress level: Evidence from women bank employees in Tamil Nadu PDF
Srinivasan Krishnasamy, John Wilson pp. 946-960
Covid-19 Pandemic and the Implications for Needs Listening Teaching Materials PDF
Nafri Yanti, Yeti Mulyati, Dadang Sunendar, Vismaia Damaianti pp. 961-972
Attitude of School Community towards the Use of Sign Language for Instructional Purpose in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia PDF
Wondwosen Mitiku Wolderufael pp. 973-983
Heutagogy in Speaking: Exploration and Mapping of Self-Learning in Social Organizations Community PDF
Baharman Baharman, Andoyo Sastromiharjo, Vismaia S. Damaianti, dan Yeti Mulyati pp. 984-997
A Case Study on Assessing Opportunities and Challenges of Students with Low Vision in Special Classes at Tabor General Primary School, South Gondar, Ethiopia PDF
Tarekegn Asnake Bitew, Balew Kebkab pp. 998-1014
Comparative Analysis of Export Performance of Indian Cocoa during Pre and Post MIDH Periods PDF
M. Sundariya, V. Banumathy, S. Ravichandran pp. 1028-1036
Validity of Conflict Resolution Education Model based on Sabilulungan Local Wisdom to Build Conflict Resolution Competency of Elementary School Students PDF
Tuti Istianti, Enok Maryani, Bunyamin Maftuh pp. 1037-1049
Nursing Students’ English Language Learning Needs and Perceptions PDF
Getnet Gidey Takele, Solomon Belayneh Yimer, Ephrem Tiruneh Adugna pp. 1050-1059
An Expanded Spacing Advantage over Equal Spacing on Grammar Learning PDF
Duo Wu pp. 1060-1071
Improving Students’ Reading Motivation through Literature Circles Practice PDF
Endelibu Goa Yotta, Tsegaberan Wodaj pp. 1085-1090
Investigation of Student Difficulties in Physics Learning and Readiness to Implement Physics Learning Using Bifocal Modeling-Based Practicum in Indonesia PDF
Sunardi Sunardi, Andi Suhandi, Deni Darmawan, Muslim Muslim pp. 1091-1102
Psychometric Properties and Derivation of Norms for an Amharic Version of Vineland Adaptive Behavioural Scale for Children with Intellectual Disability in Ethiopia PDF
Asaye Gebrewold Ashengo, Daniel Desta Dolisso pp. 1103-1117
Social Cohesion in times of Pandemic: A View from the Frontliners of the Local Government Units in CALABARZON PDF
Rhodora S. Crizaldo, Jovan B. Alitagtag, Jake Raymund F. Fabregar pp. 1118-1131
Bibliometric Analysis of Mathematics Reflective Thinking Based on Scopus Database PDF
M. Muntazhimah, T. Turmudi, S. Prabawanto, Anwar Anwar, R. Wahyuni pp. 1132-1143
Digital Citizenship among Saudi Community Colleges’ Undergraduates: Reality and Requirements for Enablement PDF
Hani E. Alamri, Abdulaziz A. Alqahtani pp. 1144-1165
Modern Physics E-book Based Multirepresentation for Hybrid Learning PDF
Diah Mulhayatiah, Parlindungan Sinaga, Dadi Rusdiana, Ida Kaniawati, Delviana Junissetiawati pp. 1166-1177
Analysis of Technical and Vocational Education Training Institute Learners’ English Language Skills Needs and the Instructional Modes Employed: Academic and Career Contexts PDF
Ephrame Zeleke, Mebratu Mulatu Bachore, Zeleke Arficho pp. 1185-1201
No Frequency Effect but Spacing Effect in Words-Writing PDF
Kang Zhai pp. 1202-1211
Investigation of The Critical Thinking Process in Solving Non-Routine Mathematical Problems PDF
Aiyub Aiyub, D. Suryadi, S. Fatimah, Kusnandi Kusnandi pp. 1212-1233
Analyzing the Representational Aspect of Gender in Learning English as a Foreign Language: The Case of Grades 7 and 8 Students’ Textbooks in Ethiopian Context PDF
Mihretie Kibret Awoke, Dessie Alemayehu Kibret, Abebe Asres Mengistu, Derb Abiew Dires pp. 1234-1240
Internet Addiction and Mental Health During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Correlational Study PDF
Ishfaq Ahmad Bhat, Rizwan Hassan Bhat, Sameer Babu M., Rukhsana Kousar pp. 1241-1249
Literacy Movement: Teachers' Efforts in Creating Literate Students PDF
Rina Heryani, Haerul Haerul pp. 1250-1267
(Review Article*) Construction and Validation of Problem-Solving Ability Test PDF
Ishfaq Ahmad Bhat, Anisa Akhter, Sameer Babu M, Rukhsana Kousar pp. 1268-1278
An Empirical Approach on Online Radec Learning Model: Does it Affect on Elementary Students’ Creative Thinking Skills? PDF
Yudi Yanuar, Wahyu Sopandi, Udin Saefuddin Saud, Cepi Riyana pp. 1279-1289
Problems Faced by Women Agri-Entrepreneur in Tamil Nadu: An Economic Analysis PDF
M. Manimegalai, K.R. Sundaravaradarajan pp. 1290-1298
Public Services Quality and the Individuals’ Income as Determinants of Saudi Families’ Standards of Happiness and Satisfaction within the Saudi Vision 2030’s Perspective PDF
Abdulrahman M. Alfahadi pp. 1299-1314
A Study on Area, Production and Productivity of Sesame in Kallakurichi District of Tamil Nadu – Trend Analysis PDF
J. Jeevamathi, G. Srinivasan pp. 1315-1323
Impact of YouTube Influencers on Consumer Purchase Intention with the Mediating Influence of Brand Awareness: An Applied Study on University Students in Tabuk PDF
Hebatalla Mohsen Abd El Baki pp. 1324-1348
English as a Froreign Language Teachers’ Awareness of Task- Based Language Teaching in Teaching Speaking Skill: Selected Gamo Zone Secondary School Teachers in Focus PDF
Addisu Adamu Hosho, Abate Demissie Gedamu, Melese Mengesha Aklilu pp. 1349-1362
Students' Perceptions of Civic Engagement in ICT Skills-Based Citizenship Education Learning PDF
Muhamad Saleh, Kokom Komalasari, Sapriya Sapriya, Iim Siti Masyitoh pp. 1363-1374
Constraints Faced by the Farmers in Extent of Utilization of ICT Advisory Services in Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu PDF
V. Sandhiya, T. Balakrishnan pp. 1386-1389
Investigating the Effectiveness of the Teacher Professional Training Program (PPG) in Improving Teacher Competences PDF
Nurwataniah Nurwataniah, Said Hamid Hasan, Rudi Susilana pp. 1390-1400
English Language Teachers Beliefs, Practices and Challenges of Continuous Assessment: Some Selected Public Secondary Schools in Arba Minch town; Gamo Zone in Focus PDF
Manguday Mercho Bagaje pp. 1401-1410
Internalization of Spiritual Intelligence Value Based on Surau Education in Social Studies Instruction PDF
Novidya Yulanda, Suwarma Al Muchtar, Elly Malihah, Sapriya Sapriya pp. 1411-1418
Internalization of Moral Character Values through the Role of Dalihan natolu (Case Study on Manyonggot-Manyonggoti Tradition of the Angkola Batak Tradition) PDF
Nahriyah Fata, Kama Abdul Hakam, Momod Abdul Somad, Yadi Ruyadi pp. 1419-1427