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Role of Socio-Economic and Personal Factors in Dropping of the Children in Jammu: A Case Study

Rajeev Rattan Sharma, Mohan Galgotra


This study aimed to seek the personal and socio-economic causes for dropping of the children at the primary level in Jammu District of Jammu and Kashmir. The main objectives of the study were:  1) To investigate the causes of high dropout at primary level. 2)  To determine the socio-economic and personal factors that causes children to drop out. 3) To determine the attitude of parents towards education as a factor that causes children to dropout. 4) To determine strategies of reducing the dropout among pupils. Random sampling technique was used. The research study is descriptive in its nature. For conducting the study two types of questionnaires were prepared - one for children, and one for parents. After collection of data the data was analyzed using percentage method.  Results of the study showed that majority of the parents were illiterate, belonged to low caste, unemployed, having very low socio-economic status and have poor attitude towards education.


ropout; Socio-economic; Personal; Case study.

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