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Bibliometric Analysis of Mathematics Reflective Thinking Based on Scopus Database

M. Muntazhimah, T. Turmudi, S. Prabawanto, Anwar Anwar, R. Wahyuni


Reflective thinking is one of the most crucial abilities in learning mathematics. This study aims to reveal bibliometric analysis, including mapping a general overview and exploring research opportunities on ‘mathematics reflective thinking’, has never been carried out before. The articles were derived from Publish or Perish (PoP) software using the Scopus database. A total of 173 articles were found since the beginning of the study on mathematics reflective thinking published until November 2021. After managing the database, this study classified and visualized it by network, overlay, and density visualizations using VOSviewer software. Overall, this review provides an appropriate reference for further research on the study of 'mathematics reflective thinking’.


Bibliometric analysis, Mathematics reflective thinking, Vosviewer

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