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Covid-19 Pandemic and the Implications for Needs Listening Teaching Materials

Nafri Yanti, Yeti Mulyati, Dadang Sunendar, Vismaia Damaianti


COVID-19 pandemic has caused many new impacts on the listening learning process. This research was conducted to determine the need for listening teaching materials to the conditions after the Covid-19 pandemic. The study was conducted on 120 students who were taking listening courses, using a descriptive quantitative method using the SPSS version 22 application. The researcher conducted a validity and reliability test with the results of the r-count value on all question items above 0.312 and a significant value of 0.554 greater than the value-r table 0.312, so it can be concluded that the instrument is valid and feasible to use. The results of the study show that students nowadays prefer to use digital teaching materials compared to printed teaching materials, especially in listening learning. The form of digital teaching materials that they need the most to support the listening learning process is a digital module. It is felt that it can save time, energy, and costs, make it easier for students to understand the material in the listening learning process because the material is presented in an interesting and not boring way. Students hope that the module is made by combining two or more media.




Covid-19, Implications, need listening teaching materials

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