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Validity of Conflict Resolution Education Model based on Sabilulungan Local Wisdom to Build Conflict Resolution Competency of Elementary School Students

Tuti Istianti, Enok Maryani, Bunyamin Maftuh


This study entitled Development of Conflict Resolution Education Model Based on Local Wisdom Values of Sunda Sabilulungan, is intended to develop life skills in a moral frame as the basis for strengthening conflict resolution competence in elementary school students. The research method was carried out by Research and Development (R&D) from Dick and Carey with the ADDIE Model development design (Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluations – PRK BKLS). The results of the research on the development of the PRK-BKLS model were declared to be very valid and suitable for use according to expert judgment. The results of the validation of Sociology and Conflict Resolution Learning experts are 92.4%, Cultural Literacy and Citizenship Experts 88%, Multiliteracy experts and Elementary Schools 96%, and the average achievement is 93.55%. The results of the validation of user 1 are 96%, user 2 94%, user 3 94%, the average achievement of teachers as users is 94.7%. The product of the resolution education model can be assumed to be applied as an education program to build life skills that enable students to resolve conflicts that are constructive in nature. The model can be used for a wider range of practitioners and adapted to the characteristics of students as users.


Conflict Resolution Education Model, Sunda Sabilulungan Local Wisdom, Conflict Resolution Competence

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