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(Review Article*) Construction and Validation of Problem-Solving Ability Test

Ishfaq Ahmad Bhat, Anisa Akhter, Sameer Babu M, Rukhsana Kousar


The study focused on the construction and validation of a problem-solving ability test. The test consists of 36 multiple choice items regarding numerical and reasoning ability tested on 810 students. The preliminary instrument consists of 46 multiple choice items was tested on 352 secondary school students. After the refinement of items using different procedures, 36 items were selected. The construction and development of the test was done by expert review, preliminary draft, item analysis, selection of items, preparation of final test, norms, validity, and reliability of the test. The Cranach’s (α) and split-half reliability of the test as found 0.909and 0.890 respectively with the intrinsic and criterion validity of the test was found to be 0.953and 0.781.


Construction, Problem-solving, Students, Reliability and Validity

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