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Modern Physics E-book Based Multirepresentation for Hybrid Learning

Diah Mulhayatiah, Parlindungan Sinaga, Dadi Rusdiana, Ida Kaniawati, Delviana Junissetiawati


This research is a development research that aims to describe the feasibility of material, pedagogic and media aspects of e-books based multirepresentation for hybrid learning on Modern Physics material. This research model uses 4D (Define, Design, Develop, and Disseminate). The data collection technique is that the validator assigns a score to each aspect on the validation sheet and then the data is analyzed to see the percentage of validation. In this study the validators consisted of each aspect as many as two validators as material, pedagogic, and media experts. The results showed that the e-books based multirepresentation for hybrid learning on Modern Physics material was feasible to use with a percentage gain from material experts of 62% (fair enough); from pedagogic experts by 89% (very feasible); from media experts by 92% (very decent). As for the results of the aiken calculation, for the material aspect, the score is 0.50 (medium); the pedagogic aspect got a score of 0.85 (high); and the media aspect scored 0.89 (high).


Ebook; multirepresentations; hybrid learning

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