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The Effect of Organizational Culture and Work Motivation on Teacher Performance in Private Schools in Central Jakarta

Anita Yosepha, Dinn Wahyudin, Mohammad Ali


In the current era, competition in the business world is growing. It also happens in the world of education, especially private education. This competition causes private educational institutions to survive and move forward. One thing that is the goal of improvement is the problem of the performance of members of the organization. Factors that influence performance include motivation and organizational culture. The aim is to analyze the influence of organizational culture on teachers' work motivation and performance in Central Jakarta private schools. Data collection is done by distributing questionnaires. Collected data were analyzed using path analysis to see the direct and indirect influence of culture on the teachers' performance. From the results of processing data from 100 samples, it was found that culture had a positive influence indirectly through motivation on teachers' performance. Organizational culture also directly affects performance, although the path coefficient is not as significant as work motivation. Likewise, work motivation has a positive effect on the performance of teachers. From these results, it can be said that organizations need to manage organizational culture well so that they have a positive influence on performance so that teacher performance increases.


organizational culture, work motivation, performance

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