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A Case Study on Assessing Opportunities and Challenges of Students with Low Vision in Special Classes at Tabor General Primary School, South Gondar, Ethiopia

Tarekegn Asnake Bitew, Balew Kebkab


The study was aimed at assessing the opportunities and challenges of students with low vision (SWLV) in Tabor General primary and special need school of Debretabor town, south Gondar, Ethiopia. A qualitative case study research design was used to carry out this study. The total number of participants involved is 28, of which 12 were SWLV, 10 teachers, 4 parents and 2 principals. Teachers, SWLV, and parents were selected using purposive sampling method. Comprehensive sampling was also used to select principals. Interview, FGD and observation were employed to collect data, which were analyzed using thematic data analysis technique. The results of the study showed that most of SWLV were happy with getting a chance to attend their education. They get extra time during examination; get motivation and advice from principals, though it was not enough. Students’ skill in Braille writing and reading was good. The challenges SWLV faced were found out to be lack of assistive technology, absence of resource room, absence of visual interpreter. Teachers were not using student-centered teaching method very well and didn’t implement IEP. The most difficult subject for SWLV was reported to be Mathematics. SWLV were not involved in co-curricular activities. Finally, recommendations were put forward based the findings of the study.


Low vision, Students with low vision, Special class, Challenge, Opportunity

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