European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 4, No 3(s) (2015)

Special Issue on New Trends in Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Urban Studies

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Polymers in Concrete: Applications and Specifications PDF
Ali Sadr Momtazi, Reza Kohani Khoshkbijari, Sadaf Sabagh Mogharab pp. 62-72
Pozzolans' Effect on Durability of Light Concretes Made of LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate) and Scoria in Corrosive Environments Containing Sulfuric acid PDF
Ali Sadr Momtazi, Reza Kohani Khoshkbijari, Seyed Mani Sharemi Jam, Saied Lessani Abdi, Seyed Sahand Mosavi pp. 101-109
Shape of Sustainable Houses in Iran: A Climatic Analysis PDF
Vahid Ghobadian pp. 110-120
Assessing the Effect of Damping in Estimating the Engineering Parameters in Steel Frames PDF
Hamid Zand pp. 128-136
The Effect of Energy Dissipation Systems on the Four- Story Steel Structure by Comparing Them PDF
A. Sarvghad Moghadam, M. Zare, M. Habibi far, M. Jamali pp. 149-157
Designing Country Hotel of Sarein by Using Solar Energy PDF
Sima Delshad pp. 169-174
Assessing the Effect of Changing the Position of TMD Dampers in Response to Nonlinear Dynamic of Steel Structures PDF
Mehdi Rahimi Asl, Nader Khalighi Jamal Abad pp. 179-185
Evaluation of IES Validation in Term of Daylight Analysis by Experimental Measurement in State Office Building in Kerman, Iran PDF
Ali Yazhari Kermani, Mohammad Javad Mahdavinejad pp. 209-215
Investigating The Effect of Different Building’s Orientation on Amount of Cooling Load in Kerman City Located in Hot and Arid Region of Iran PDF
Mansour Nikpour pp. 297-303
The Positive Effect of Nano-magnesium Oxide (MgO) on Expansion the Cement Paste in Concrete PDF
Ali Kahidan pp. 322-328
The Design of Administrative Building Based on Climate Considerations: A Case Study in Khuzestan Engineering Systems Buildings PDF
Jalil Ghazaei Manghutay pp. 397-407
Smart Building Materials in Sustainable Architecture: A Case Study in Electrochromic Glass PDF
Mahdi Tarfiei pp. 408-416
Evaluating Empirical Equations to Predict Downstream Scour Depth of Jet Ski Overflows: A Case Study in Shahid Abbaspour Dam PDF
Kamal Davideh, Mahmoud Shafaei Bajestan pp. 451-460
Zero-Energy Architectural Patterns Applied in Hotels PDF
Hajar Bahri, Sina Razzaghi-Asl pp. 504-507
Algorithmic Approach Functions in Digital Architecture and its Effect on Architectural Design Process PDF
Meysam Kazemi, Behnaz Borjian pp. 508-516
Evaluation of Seismic Behavior of Irregular Structures in Plan and Height by Using Non-Linear Static Analysis PDF
Mohammad Hadi Fatahi, Danial Siah Poush pp. 527-534
Design and Simulation to Create a Uniform Concentration Distribution in Fixed Bed Catalytic Reactor Using a Static Mixer PDF
Alireza Pourparvaneh, Majid Mahdavian, Elham Bahramian, Nooshin Yar Ahmadi, Fatemeh Yazdanifar pp. 572-580
In Vitro Evaluation of the Composition of Rectangular Panels Connected to the Beach and Horizontal Blade in Controlling Erosion of Convergent 90-Degree Arch PDF
Babak Sabbaghi, Sohrab Nazari, Mahmood Shafaei Bejestan pp. 657-662
Sustainable Strategies for Comfort in Cold Climate through Mahani and Effective Temperature Indicators: A Case Study in Zanjan, Iran PDF
Behrouz Taheri Pileroud pp. 663-670
Soft Switching High Step up Isolated SEPIC Inverter for Photovoltaic Application PDF
Javad Saleh Riahi, Mohammad Javad Ghasemi Ahmad Abadi pp. 729-736
Evaluating the Approach of the Impact of Architecture on the Treatment Process of Mentally-ill Patients PDF
Morvarid Bazhrang, Mojtaba Mahdavinia pp. 737-748
Control System Design for Quasi Z-source Inverter as an Interface Converter for Manageable Distributed Generation Sources PDF
Manaf Hassannezhad, Babak Valizadeh pp. 749-759
Implementation of Dam Wall by Plastic Concrete to Control Water Seepage under Soil Dams Structure PDF
Farzad Hatami, Hassan Gogonani, Taghiyan Masoud pp. 760-771
The Effect of Near-Fault Earthquake on Seismic Behavior of Concrete Buildings PDF
Javad Vaseghi Amiri, Hossein Pahlavan, Saeid Rahati pp. 772-778
Investigating the Aspects of Environmental Sustainability Approach in Designing Aquatic Sports Complex PDF
Mani Tamjidi, Farhad Khazaei pp. 847-856
Evaluating the Behavior of Geogrid-Reinforced Earth Dams under Static and Dynamic Loads PDF
Nima Aein pp. 867-884
The Effect of DC Component on CMOS Injection-Coupled LC Quadrature Oscillator (IC-QO) PDF
Marzieh Chaharboor, Saman Mokhtabad, Hojat Ghonoodi pp. 885-894
Designing a security unit to reduce the permeability of anonymous groups and congestion control in wireless sensor networks PDF
Ahad Zare, Mehdi Pourhasan, Tahereh Sotudeh pp. 895-899

Social science section

The Study of mechanical and electronic installation requirements based on passive defense approach (Case study: Tabriz Central Library) PDF
Ali Pourzangbar, Aniseh Saber Gharamaleki, Mohammad Barzegar, Naser Payami, Yaghoub Alizadeh, Javad Ghasami, Arash Valizadeh, Gholamreza Alipour, Saeed Johari pp. 1-4
Environment and Sustainable Architecture PDF
Behzad Pourdehqan, Mahdis Rashidi, Mohammad Saeed Firouzbakht, Nasrin Najafi pp. 5-10
Architecture from the Perspective of Sustainability of Cultural Identity and its Impact on Mental Health: A case study among Iranian houses PDF
Ismail Zarghami, Dorsa Faturechi pp. 11-20
The Analysis of Changing and Making New Functions and Usages in Rural Historical Textures with Sustainable Development Approach (Case study: Kahak village, Qom) PDF
Farhad Arbab Saljughi, Fariba Arbab Saljughi, Shahab Rouhbakhsh Fakhar Kamel pp. 21-28
The Role of Urban Sustainable Development and Urban Sustainable Management in Architecture PDF
Hamed Shoja, Mohsen Heidari pp. 29-35
Suitable Urban Space for Disable People (Ajodanieh) PDF
Marjane Doroudian Nghosiyan, Masoumeh Motamedi pp. 36-43
Analysis of the Place of Outdoor Architecture in the Legibility of Spaces PDF
Maryam Sohrabi pp. 44-54
The Structure of Language in Vernacular Architecture PDF
Ahmad Mirza Kochak Khoshnevis, Mehdi Nabati pp. 55-61
Components Influencing the Trails with the Identity PDF
Reza Rezazadeh pp. 73-80
Analysis of Civil, Architectural and Urban Planning of Passive Defense: A Case Study in Central Library of Tabriz PDF
Ali Pourzangbar, Anise Saaber Qaraamaleki, Mohammad Barzegar, Saeid Johari, Qolaamreza Alipour, Arash Valizade, Javaad Qasami, Nasim Seraat Nouri, Behnam Lotfi pp. 80-89
Location of Public Places “Bazaar” as a Commercial Case and “Square” as a Social one (Case Study: Abpakhsh City) PDF
Parviz Soleimani Moqaddam, Mohsen Pourkhosravani, Seyede Elham Mousavi pp. 90-100
The symbolic Role of Water in Iranian- Islamic Architecture based on Spirituality PDF
Ismail Zarghami, Jamal al- Din Mahdi Nezhad, Dorsa Fatoorehchi pp. 121-127
Child-oriented Architecture from the Perspective of Environmental Psychology PDF
Maral Anbari, Hossein Soltanzadeh pp. 137-144
The Need to Conduct Urbanism Research Based on Research Methodologies in Art PDF
Mohammad Fallah Nia pp. 145-148
Analysis of the Contextual Architecture and its Effect on the Structure of the Residential places in Dardasht Neighborhood of Isfahan PDF
Sanaz Abedi, Houtan Iravani pp. 158-168
Types of Music in Book Stores and Evaluating the Age and Gender of Customers PDF
Zeinab Bagheri, Jamaluddin Soheyli pp. 175-178
The Study of the Proper Dimensions of the Window to the Outer Wall of Educational Spaces PDF
Nahid Tayari, Mansour Nikpoor pp. 186-190
Investigating the Effect of Sustainable Patterns of Iran's Traditional Architecture in Sustainable Development PDF
Ali Khaki, Seyyed Ashraf Sadat pp. 191-208
The Impact and Efficiency of Social Spaces in Elevating and Improving Social Systems (Case study: Cheshme Ali Historical Site of Damqan) PDF
Tofigh Banaian Sefid, Mahdiyeh Pazhouhan Far, Akram Bashiri pp. 216-226
An Overview on Income Experiences and Procedures of Municipalities with an Emphasis on Their Sustainability PDF
Najma Esmailpour, Elaheh Dehghan Dehkordi, Shirin Abdali, Hossein Ilderemi pp. 227-249
Plan to Rebuild the Historic Castle of Yek Lengi (the Original Core of the Village) PDF
Hamed Shafieiyoon, Kazem Yazdi pp. 250-257
Redefine the Success of the Project based on the Localizing the Criteria PDF
Mostafa Ghazi Moradi, Ali Kheiroddin, Omid Rezaei Far pp. 258-269
Standardizing the Education Environment Based on Optimization of Energy Consumption with Regard to Climate Change in Sanandaj PDF
Arasteh Dianat, Peyman Adami pp. 270-277
Visiting a historic village (Yek Lengi) PDF
Hamed Shafieiyoon, Kazem Yazdi, Jalil Emadi pp. 278-287
Analysis of Social Damages Caused by Slums of Ahvaz Metropolitan PDF
Mahnoosh Orak, Omid Rahaei pp. 288-296
Necessity and Methods of Designing Green Buildings in Cities and its Effect on Energy Efficiency PDF
Sama Modirrousta, Zahra Mohammadi pp. 304-314
Investigating the Sustainability of New Built Art Schools Based on Executive Methods and Used Materials in Buildings PDF
Arasteh Dianat, Peyman Adami pp. 315-321
Navigational Criticism of Shopping Malls PDF
Milad Esmailian, Maryam Fadaye Qotbi pp. 329-336
The Strategies of Passive Defense in Architecture of Old Districts in Kerman City PDF
Shahpoor Gheibi, Mansour Nikpour pp. 337-342
Investigating the Level of Responsiveness of Vernacular Architecture to the Needs of Citizens in Sari, Iran PDF
Mohammad Taghi Nazarpour, Azadeh Khorram pp. 343-355
Regeneration of Historical Fabrics with the Approach of Mental Image and Memory of the Places (Case study: Shiraz Historic Pathway “Khaneghah Ahmadi”) PDF
Elmira Ozlati, Tahereh Nasr pp. 356-368
Resuscitation of Rural Buildings Containing Valuable Historical-Cultural Monuments from the Perspective of the Tourism Industry: A Case Study in Kahak Village of Qom PDF
Fariba Arbab Saljoughi, Jamal Aldin Mahdinezhad, Navid Nazemi, Shahab Rouhbakhsh Fakhar Kamel pp. 369-377
The Relationship between Physical Characteristics of the Architectural Education and Creativity PDF
Fatemeh Karami Raviz, Siavash Rashidi Sharif Abad, Mansour Nikpour pp. 378-383
Explaining social norms intervening on the sense of identity in the neighborhoods of Iran’s cities (A case study in Kuti Neighborhood, Bushehr) PDF
Elham Hesari, Mitra Ghafourian pp. 384-396
Quality Control and Better Excellence for Performance of Energy Efficient Strategies in Contemporary Architecture PDF
Amirmahdi Keynoosh, Mohamadjavad Mahdavinejad, Ladan Keynoosh pp, 417-421
Assessing the Impact of Public Spaces in the Region of Soro in Bandar Abbas Based on Indigenous -Historical Architecture Approach PDF
Samira Amirshekari, Hamed Imantalab pp. 422-435
Identification of the Components of Sense of Place in Architecture of Houses in First Pahlavi Era in Iran (Case Study: Tabriz) PDF
Dariush Sattarzadeh, Lida Balilan Asl pp. 436-450
Designing Housing Complexes for Low-Income Families Based on the Approach of Restoring Vernacular Architecture in Southern Coastal Shores of Southern in Iran PDF
Hesam-aldin Raouf Malayeri, Mohammad Mehdi Ghiai pp. 461-468
Designing City Development Strategy (CDS) Based on Participatory Visioning in Bojnourd PDF
Mansoureh Fouladi, Hossein Zabihi pp. 469-481
Residential Complex Based on Increasing Social Interaction Approach PDF
Mohammadreza Yadollahi, Mojtaba Mahdavinia, Mohammad Mehdi Ghiai pp. 482-491
Regional Garden Museum of Azerbaijan as Essential Need of Four Provinces for their Introduction and Recognition PDF
Mahdi Zandieh, Razieh Zeynali pp. 492-503
Designing Exceptional Talents Center for Children based on Creating a Sense of Belonging to Nature Approach PDF
Nastaran Valipoor, Kaveh Shokoohi Dehkordi pp. 517-526
Investigating Architectural Techniques for Designing and Creating Sustainable Spaces PDF
Naser Nikpour, Mansour Nikpour pp. 535-538
Application of Semiotics and its Concept in Architecture PDF
Hamed Shoja, Hasan Sajadzade pp. 539-541
The Effects of Modern Methods of Education on the Formation of Educational Spaces PDF
Houbeh Tahvildari, Hamed Imantalab, Ourya Moghadam pp. 542-553
Role of Geometry in Formation of Traditional Iranian Houses PDF
Hadi Chahardoly, Mohammad Hosein Moradi pp. 554-561
Designing Multi-Theater Cinema by Parametric Method in Tehran PDF
Hamideh Astarabi Ashtiani, Kaveh Shokoohi Dehkordi pp. 562-571
Investigating Erosion Reason, Planning, and Executive Actions In Improvement and Recreation of Urban Worn Out Textures PDF
Mina Bakhshi pp. 581-588
Application of native materials and its impact in promoting place attachment in the design of the residential complex: A case study in Lahijan City, Iran PDF
Zeinab Nemati Mojdehe, Reza Parvizi, Seyed Bagher Hosseini pp. 589-597
Marginalization: A Challenge for Sustainable Urban Development with Emphasis on Baneh city PDF
Alireza Sayaf Zadeh, Seyed Behnam Ghaderzadeh pp. 598-609
Necessity of Reconsideration in the Process of the Cities' Development: An Introduction to Reach the Desired City's Image PDF
Reza Abbasi Hattan pp. 610-617
Travel Time Prediction Intelligent System for Rural Road Transportation Based on the Neural-Fuzzy Network PDF
Abdollah Sepahi, Mohammad Miri pp. 618-627
Evaluation of the Use of Urban Design Approach in Urban Planning Process in Iran PDF
Seyed Moslem Seyedolhosseini pp. 628-637
Hospital Location in the Southern Fars Province by Using Multi Criteria Decision Making Techniques PDF
Mahsa Khaksefidi, Mohammad Miri pp. 638-645
Tailoring Coastal Park for the Use of Veterans and People with Physical-Motion Disabilities (Case study: Noshahr Beach Park) PDF
Shabnam Najmeddin, Mojtaba Ahmadi pp. 646-656
An Overview of the Most Important Theaters in Eastern Countries PDF
Sepideh Rahimzadeh Behzadi pp. 671-679
Finding the best health center location in Zahedan, Iran by using FAHP PDF
Hussein Kalantari, Masoumeh Hafez Rezazadeh, Gholam Reza Miri pp. 680-690
Compiling the Target Village Indicators for Tourism Development in Iran and Their Evaluation (Case study: Semnan Province Villages) PDF
Mohammad Ali Shadi, Masoud Mahdavi Hajiloei, Ezzatollah Ezzati pp. 691-703
Evaluating the Role of Information and Communications Technology in Sustainable Urban Development: A Case study in 17th and 20th districts of Tehran city PDF
Ali Reza Hatefi, Ali Reza Estelaji pp. 704-713
The Reasons of Entrance Axis Change of Religious Buildings in Isfahan: A Case Study in Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque PDF
Abbas Alipour, Tahereh Pournasir pp. 714-721
The Effect of Smart Buildings on the Work Efficiency among Office Employees PDF
Reyhaneh Nehchiri, Shima Vahedparast, Hossein Hafezolghorani Esfahani pp. 722-728
Diasporic Culture: Appearance of Identity in Visual Elements PDF
Sara Eftekharazam, Ahmad Mirzakouchak Khoshnevis pp. 779-788
Economic Effects of Rural Tourism based on (DPSIR) by Using Fuzzy - TOPSIS Method (Case Study: city of Rezvanshahr) PDF
Giti Moradi Estalkhzir pp. 789-800
Promoting Children's Creativity through Designing Urban Environments PDF
Avin Khalilolahi, Ali Qaffari, Afzal sadat Hosseini pp. 801-814
Evaluation of Urban Sustainability from Environmental Perspectives (Case Study: District 5 of Municipality of Region 20 of Tehran) PDF
Esmat Khan Mohammadi pp. 815-827
The best Suppliers of Sistan Cement Factory using FAHP PDF
Saeid Kalantari, Hamed Kazemipoor pp. 828-837
A Study of the Position of Social Interactions Approach in Designing Shopping Centers PDF
Alireza Rahimi, Farhad Khazaei pp. 839-846
Investigating the Cultural Interaction Approach in Designing the Carpet Museum PDF
Mahsa Samandipour, Farhad Khazaei pp. 857-866
The influence of tourism development on economic Empowerment of rural women PDF
Fazileh Dadvar-Khani pp. 900-910
Association of Decorative Elements in Haj Agha Ali House, the Largest Adobe House in the World PDF
Zohre Rajabi Rostam Abadi, Hossein Rezaei, Mohsen Boshak pp.911-924
Evaluation & measurement of Factors Affecting on Efficient Implementation of Grid Network: Case of Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) PDF
Baharak Pourrajab, Amir Albadvi pp. 925-934
A research about the effect of traditional arts in environment on national identity protection (Case study: Drawing room) PDF
Nikoo Shojanoori pp. 935-946
The Investigation of Cultural Factors Affecting the Sustainable Development in Yazd, Iran PDF
Alireza Amir Kabiri, Arash Moradi, Sadegh Abolhasani pp. 947-953
A Third Location and the Territory of Pedestrians in Thirty-Three Bridge Urban Plaza Design with an Emphasis on the Importance of Pedestrians PDF
Mohammad Safari Azan Akhari, Hossein Kalantari Khalil Abad pp. 954-968
The Principles of Designing the “Silk Road Hotel-Faculty” Inspired by the Usage of Caravanserais in this International Road PDF
Farid Ghasemi, Hamzeh Gholamalizadeh pp. 969-987
The Analysis of Role of Behavioral Sciences in Design Process Based on Environmental Design PDF
Morvarid-Zahra Talebian, Ahmad Reza Yekanifard pp. 988-997
Prioritizing the Appropriate Criteria for the Location and Design of Hydrothermal Centers by Using AHP Analysis PDF
Anosh Sheikh Kazemha pp. 998-1010
Mental Models in the Formation of Scientific and Engineering Maps PDF
Hamid Shojarastegari, Yaser Eslami Nia, Hadi Maghsoudlou pp. 1011-1017
Exploring Identity in the Painters’ Traditional Artworks in Iran Islamic Revolution
Zeinab Mozaffarikhah, Mohammad Ali Rajabi pp.1018-1037