European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 11, No 4(s) (2022)

Special Issue on Hybridity in the New Reality

The APCoRE 2022 Virtual International Conference, 12-14 December, Rm. 309, SCC Building CFA Compound, 4427 Old Sta. Mesa, 1016, Manila, Philippines

Table of Contents

Natural science section

From Victims to Heroes: COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Donation Awareness, Knowledge, and Willingness among Selected Respondents in the City of Manila PDF
Laarni E. Gloriani, Arriane Mae L. Antejendra, John Seth Lewis F. Andres, John Orland C. Bantola, Ella Mae Joy F. Calpito, Wensel R. de Mesa, Janine F. Pacis pp. 1-13
Local Knowledge of the People of Tayum on Medical Plants PDF
Maria Digna T. Bose pp. 14-30
Abundance and Tree Species Diversity in Selected Mining Areas of Licuan, Baay, Abra, Philippines PDF
Nero M. Paderes pp. 31-49
Sensory Evaluation of Developed Lolly Fruit (Sandoricum Koetjape) Sour Seasoning PDF
Bersheeba L. Taclawan, Mae Amalia B. Pilarta pp. 50-56
Production of the Virgin Coconut Oil from Induced Fermentation with Lactic Acid Bacteria PDF
Tung Nguyen-Son, Thai Nguyen-Minh pp. 57-70
Water Quality Assessment of Different Land Uses of Tugbo Watershed Forest Reserve and Downstream River PDF
Mark Anthony C. Abella pp. 541-552
Effects of Different Animal Manure Combined with Carbonized Rice Hull on the Growth and Yield Performance of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) PDF
Eddie B. Basulgan, Eligio C. Borres Jr, Rean M. Recto, Eyessamae V. Bello pp. 553-563
The Effects of Aerobic Bokashi in the Production of Sweet 16-F1 Watermelon (Citrullus lunatus) PDF
Nanita M. Bataga, Eligio C. Borres Jr, Arthur L. Bartolata, Joy M. Dumaguin pp. 564-576
Design and Automation of a Solar Powered Soil Moisture Monitoring System (SPSMMS) PDF
Eligio C. Borres Jr, Jin Fae M. Jang, Miguel Adrian B. Mejia pp. 588-603
Evaluation and Analysis of Coffee Husk and Coco Peat Briquettes as Biomass Fuel PDF
Eligio C. Borres Jr, Lira Virginia B. Mora pp. 604-617
Different Levels of Oregano (Origanum vulgari) Leaf Extract on the Growth Performance of Broilers (Gallus gallus domesticus)
Nimfa R. Cornal pp. 618-626
Characterization of Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa) in Soilless Farming System Using SNAP Solution Blended with Different Biofertilizer Extracts PDF
Eligio C. Borres Jr pp. 740-751

Social science section

The Effects of Online Learning in the Intrinsic Motivation of Students in Learning Mathematics PDF
Rabia Abdulrahim pp. 71-83
The Implementation of the Solo Parent Welfare Act of 2000 in Tabuk City, Kalinga Province PDF
Marilou D Alngag pp. 84-91
Client Satisfaction on the Services of University of Baguio Support Offices PDF
Froilan Aspa, Leny Estacio, Nona Christina Gabriel pp. 92-105
Total Quality Management Practices in the Production Department of Casual Food and Beverage Establishments PDF
Silver B. Bejar, Isagani A. Paddit pp. 106-120
Content Analysis of Online Complaints Towards Hotels in Baguio City, Philippines PDF
Jennifer S. Sese, Josefa Angelica Remedios P. Cabuang pp. 121-141
Polyphonic Poetics: Translating Lady Chatterley’s Lover PDF
Xiaodong Cai pp. 142-154
Teachers’ Responsiveness to Students’ Needs in Solving Mathematical Problems Under Modular Distance Modality PDF
John Edward A. Combo, Manny A. Esguerra, Zenaida Q. Reyes pp. 155-171
Students’ Learning through Online Platform and Academic Performance in Mathematics PDF
Jan Dominic D. Corpuz pp. 172-186
Cross-Cultural Translation Studies in the Context of Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Response PDF
Mildred M. Crisostomo, Racidon P. Bernarte, Silvia C. Ambag pp. 187-198
Productive Lesson Study towards Quality Professional Development for Science Teachers PDF
Levi Esteban Elipane pp. 199-214
Impact of student services and programs to student performance PDF
Leny Estacio, Medardo Aberientos, Melanie Banguete pp. 215-227
Understanding the Motivation of Medical Technology Students in Manila in Pursuing Careers in Healthcare Amid Covid-19 Pandemic PDF
MA. Allyssa A. Fajardo, Nicole Anne Y. Coseip, Andrea Mei A. De Leon, Khen Gabrielle B. Evidente, Dannah Jamilah M. Ison, Cleo Jazmin A. Prima, Joemarie T. Malana pp. 228-237
Satisfaction, Challenges, and Communication Channel Preferences (SCaCCP) towards Remote Teaching-Learning (RTL) during Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) PDF
Rosanna D. Gonzales, Jomar C. Mangapot, Ian D. Evangelista pp. 238-249
Investigating the Structural Relationship between TPACK, Technological Self-efficacy, and Constructivist Teaching Practice PDF
Victor V. Hafalla Jr pp. 250-256
Level of Organizational Empathy and Job Satisfaction among Teachers amidst Pandemic PDF
Steven C. Jocson pp. 257-269
Tongtong Practices of Bakun Benguet: Its Historical and Political Relevance PDF
Leony S. Balatong, Vaniza P. Banglig, Rhavine G. Dato, Beverly B. Laltoog pp. 270-287
Faculty and Student Perspectives in Online Learning: Basis for Developing an Innovative Modality for Student Engagement in the College of Dentistry PDF
Evalene Ann Perez-Lanting pp. 288-326
Entrepreneurs’ Perspective in Coping with the New Normal: Basis for Business Model Development PDF
Maria Cristina C. Azuelo, Ma. Reina A. Mabeza, Mailyn Q. Alarcon pp. 327-343
Assessing Pre-Service Teachers’ Mathematics Performance through Online Created Comics PDF
Liberty Gay C. Manalo pp. 344-360
The Service Delivery of Local Government Officials in a Philippine Rural Community PDF
Ermie Lux L. Matildo pp. 361-369
A Study of the Influence of Learning Spaces to Secondary Students PDF
Ana E. Mirana pp. 370-378
Exploring the Satisfaction and Self-confidence of 3rd Year Medical Technology Students from Manila, Philippines regarding their Simulation Activities during the Enriched Virtual Mode of Delivery PDF
Edmund Gabriel Nantes, Frele Sophia Marie P. Baguio, Alyssa Rae T. Canono, Lord Aeron G. Cruz, Renah Allison S. Herrera, Ruinna S. Lucas, Clarenz Sarit M. Concepcion, Diana Leah M. Mendoza pp. 379-394
Research Training Needs Analysis of Higher Educational Institutions PDF
Isagani A. Paddit, Ivy A. Lalio, Oliver Richard C. Celi pp. 395-407
Paperless Publication: Surveying the Shifting Shape of Campus Journalism PDF
John Reinjoe F. Namit, Aldrin D. Parico, Jacquelyn C. Magno pp. 408-419
Quality of Governance: Assessing the Municipalities in the Province of Abra towards the Seal of Good Local Governance PDF
Rhea A. Quileza pp. 420-432
Language Attitude toward the Use of Mother Tongue after a Decade of Implementing the MTB-MLE: A Brief Review PDF
Alvin S. Rosales pp. 433-441
Localizing the Process of Writing Action Research for Basic Education: Designing the Multi-Analysis Layered Nexus (MALN) Approach PDF
Rejulios M. Villenes, Ma. Lyn Igliane-Villenes, Raymar C. Francia, Raymund C. Francia, Mac Christian C. Dellosa, Meniano D. Ebora pp. 442-460
A Survey on English Vocabulary Learning Strategies by Rural-Urban Fringe Junior Middle School Students PDF
Weiwei Cheng pp. 461-472
To explore the Chinese language education and cultural roots of contemporary Chinese Singaporeans through the film Wet Season PDF
Hu Yinfeng pp. 473-488
Skills and Competence Self-assessment and Pedagogical Training Needs: Basis for Higher Education Professional Retooling Plan PDF
Jonathan P. Zales, Maria Rebecca B. Talledo pp. 489-504
The Perception of Arabic-Accented English Vowels PDF
Fan Zhang pp. 505-525
Facilitating LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity: Roadmap Towards Sustainability PDF
Ma. Felma Carlos-Tria, Leila R. Gano, Leny Dellosa pp. 526-540
The Art of Questioning Used in CED Departmental Examination: An Analysis PDF
Lynn M. Besa, Richard E. Parcon pp. 577-587
Research on Extracurricular English Learning Motivation of Junior High School Students PDF
Tiantian Liu pp. 627-639
Work-Family Conflicts and Family-Work Conflicts among Police Professionals: Implications to Law Enforcement Services PDF
Isiah Rhowinn F. Rojero pp. 640-663
Philippine-Pop as Potential Catalyst: Filipino Fans’ Perception as a Basis for Tourism Promotion
Erika Ann S. Placido, Jenny Rose Y. Plaza, Francine J. Poblete, Warren Jeastine Piolo M. Santos, Beatrice Divine A. Tulagan, Rovena I. Dellova pp. 664-690
Determinants of Employment Stability and Talent Retention of Selected Hotels in Metro Manila PDF
Jesca O. Calicdan, Kimberly B. De Guzman, Andrea Balubar, Rosan D. Olalia pp.691-707
Factors Affecting the Viability of Virtual Tourism in the Philippines PDF
Krysthel Kate Acosta, Jocelyn Y. Camalig, Krizian Andrei O. Velez, Ravana C. de Dios, Kelly Ann A. Librando, Becy V. Mae pp. 708-728
The Level of Effectiveness of Social Media Platforms in Tourism and Hospitality Industry in the City of Manila PDF
Vanessa Oblanca, Samantha Paradero, Jaster Santarinala, Shala Tending, Jean Villagracia, Diosdado Limon Cabiling Jr pp. 729-739