European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 11, No 1(s) (2022)

Special Issue on Education Research in COVID Era: The Future of the Next Generation

Materials of the 2nd International Research Webcon and 7th Guro Research Awards, December 18, 2021, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila

Table of Contents

Social science section

The ABCs of Teachers’ Roles: An Affirmation PDF
Rosalie A. Corpus pp. 1-21
Social Pragmatism of Action Research PDF
Manolito S. San Jose pp. 22-32
Challenges in Academic Top Leadership as Perceived by Women Leaders PDF
Daizylyn Caan-Palillo pp. 33-41
Mathematics Academic Performance: It’s Relationship to Attitudes and Engagement in Online Learning PDF
Joan D. Rural, Eduard E. Amora, Ron Jimmuel I. De Borja, John Aldrie De La Torre, Paolo T. Duenas, Eduardo S. Jardin Jr. pp. 42-53
Public Junior High School Heads’ Emotional Intelligence Using Bar-On EQi-S Test: Implications on School Leadership PDF
Jovan B. Alitagtag, Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales pp. 54-66
Social-Expressivist Strategies for Teaching Creative Nonfiction during Pandemic PDF
Melanie M. Jimenez pp. 67-72
Level of Condition and Extent of Adequacy of Resources in Secondary Schools in Taguig City and Their Effects on the National Achievement Test Performance PDF
Saturnina L. Gomez pp. 73-92
Big Five Personality Traits and its Relationship to Teachers’ Performance Evaluation in the Public High Schools PDF
Joena V. Gonzales, Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales pp. 93-104
Filipino Mothers' Involvement in Children's Education in the New Normal PDF
Gary Antonio C. Lirio, Odessa L. Gutlay, Zenaida Q. Reyes pp. 105-132
Life Values of College Students of a State University in the Philippines: Baseline for a Proposed Guidance and Counseling Program PDF
Dither June U. Malaluan pp. 133-146
Using Multimedia Videos in Developing Students Grammatical Skills PDF
Rhea B. Anyayahan pp. 147-164
The Perception of Faculty in the Implementation of ASEAN Qualification Assurance for Higher Education (AQAFHE) PDF
Carmencita L. Castolo, Diane Lee Tracy K. Chan pp. 165-168
Locus of Control as Correlate of Organizational Commitment: The Case of Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Local Government Unit Campuses PDF
Elizabeth L. Pambuena pp. 169-175
National Competency Based-Teacher Standard as percieved by the Senior High School Students of State Universities Colleges PDF
Jefferson F. Serrano, Lualhati A. Dela Cruz pp. 176-189
Lived Experiences of Educational Entrepreneurs: Exploring Qualities and their Realities PDF
Merriam S. Silin pp. 190-211
Teachers’ Flexibility and ICT-Adeptness in the Now Normal in Education PDF
Rosalie A. Corpus, Rosemariebeth R. Dizon, Andrew C. Hernandez pp. 212-231
Assessment of Public School District Supervisor Functions in Region IV-A Philippines PDF
Michael R. Babao pp. 232-244
Academic Self-Concept of Secondary Science Education Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach PDF
Gary Antonio C. Lirio, Rosario L. Camba, Yolenia B. Matibag, Rosie L. Conde pp. 245-256
The Correspondence Students’ Personal Attributes Using Song and Hill’s Conceptual Model for Understanding Self-Directed Learning PDF
Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales pp. 257-264
Surviving the New Normal: Perspectives of Future Teachers PDF
Hazel DR. Samala pp. 265-276
Online Teaching Preparedness of Junior High School Teachers during the Coronavirus Pandemic PDF
Christian H. Villegas, Bernadette Q. Cunanan, Valerie Ann P. Magsalin pp. 277-286
Exploring Critical Literacy Practices in Teaching Reading among Grade 10 ESL Filipino Teachers PDF
Mark Joseph G. Rosos, Jendel D. Tubola, Jescil F. Artocillo, Emejidio C. Gepila Jr. pp. 303-311
Phonological Awareness among Japanese Senior High School Students of a Japanese High School: Basis for a Proposed Reading Intervention Program PDF
Rolando P. Quinones Jr., Chris Louise B. Vencio, Ivy Claire M. Bautista, Jodie Laarni T. Corpuz, Isabel Ann T. Silang, Mikhail F. Gabrieles pp. 312-323
Learning Style Preferences and their Relationship to Linguistic Competence PDF
Melanie M. Jimenez, Ferdinand T. Tolentino, Ivy Marrie B. Locsin, Mallory Celine M. Pidlaoan, Emejidio C. Gepila Jr. pp. 324-333
The Correlation of E-learners’ Socio-Demographic Characteristics and E-Learning Profile on the Academic Performance of PUP Laboratory High School Students in Mathematics PDF
Bernadette Q. Cunanan pp. 334-344
Perceived Stress as Predictors of Depressive Symptoms among PUP Academic Scholars during COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
Annabelle C. del Rosario, Marjualita Theresa T. Malapo, Michelle Ann L. Abundo, Yolanda Y. Chua, Ryan B. Corona, John Mark S. Distor, Lilia G. Labatorio, Leonida D. Valeña pp. 345-357
Perceived Social Support as Mediator between Psychological Distress and Job Satisfaction among Faculty Members in A State University During COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
Richard M. Campos, John Mark S. Distor pp. 358-375

Natural science section

Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Lam. against Wound-Infecting Pathogens PDF
Klyde Elmarc Galanta, Vivien Faye Herrera, Sheen Gabrielle Santos, Noel Saguil, Armin Coronado, Witawat Jangiam, Gary Antonio Lirio pp. 287-302