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The ABCs of Teachers’ Roles: An Affirmation

Rosalie A. Corpus


This study required its 395 teacher-respondents to rank their level of agreement with their 52 roles (two per letter of the alphabet) in the lives of their students, colleagues, families and friends during the pandemic period when they felt despondent and helpless due to their uncertain academic and personal futures brought about by COVID-19. As a teacher-educator, this researcher hoped that reading these statements will awaken her students’ positive self-affirmations and arrive at their description of the Teacher in the New Normal who is: Adventurous & Aware; Beloved & Big-hearted; Focused & Friendly; Grateful & Growing; Just & Joyful; Hardworking & Honest; Inspiring & Interactive; Reflective & Respectful; Safe & Structured; Determined & Diligent; Kind & Knowledgeable; Modern & Motivating; Noble & Nurturing; Prepared & Professional; and Tactful & Thoughtful. It is also recommended that Teacher-Educators should pay attention to enhancing  the following qualities of Pre-service teachers to:  ensure that Teachers in the New Normal will not be Underappreciated since they are Unselfish; continue to be Xenodochial & maintain being an X-factor; be Organized & Original; be Whmsical & Willing; be Yielding & Youthful; and continue to be Zany & Zealous.


K-12 Teachers’ Self-Esteem, 52 Teachers’ Roles, Self-Affirmation of Teachers’ Roles, COVID-19 Pandemic, and Description of the Teacher in the New Normal

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