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Locus of Control as Correlate of Organizational Commitment: The Case of Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Local Government Unit Campuses

Elizabeth L. Pambuena


This study focused on the locus of control as correlate of the organizational commitment among 91 faculty and staff of Polytechnic University of the Philippines -Local Government Campuses in Laguna. The researcher utilized the descriptive method using the Spearman Rank Rho Correlation Test.  Based on the result, it was concluded that the average Locus of Control Score based on the scores of the respondents in Rotter's Scale was low and indicated that on average they have internal locus of control. In terms of random assessment on the level of affective, normative and continuance commitments, respondents claimed a Moderate Commitment Level. There is significant weak positive correlation between their Locus of Control and their Organizational Affective Commitment level. This further means that there is a weak increase in the organizational affective commitment level as their locus of control increases. However, there are no significant correlations that exist between their locus of control and their organizational continuance and normative commitment levels, respectively. Thus, it is recommended that the school administrators may initiate and device innovative programs for teaching and non-teaching to support their professional needs and devise an enhancement program for faculty and staff to strengthen their locus of control and organizational commitment.


Continuance, Locus of Control, Organizational Commitment, Interval, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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