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Mathematics Academic Performance: It’s Relationship to Attitudes and Engagement in Online Learning

Joan D. Rural, Eduard E. Amora, Ron Jimmuel I. De Borja, John Aldrie De La Torre, Paolo T. Duenas, Eduardo S. Jardin Jr.


The current study examined the relationship between students’ attitudes and engagement and academic performance in mathematics online learning. The study used modified survey questionnaires adopted from Langat (2015). Davis (2014), Hart et al, (2011). The respondents are the 99 randomly selected pre-service teachers who are taking their Mathematics courses online. The respondents are moderately engaged in mathematics online learning. More specifically, students always have ready assignment and are cooperative and work with other students when doing online activities. However, it is found that respondents are somewhat disengaged and lack motivation whenever facing trouble in understanding a problem. The majority of respondents have a moderately positive attitude toward mathematics online learning. Students’ engagement and attitude in mathematics online learning are significantly correlated with academic performance. The significant correlation between students’ academic performance and attitude and engagement in mathematics online learning suggests that teachers may provide more opportunities for students to enable and extend their engagement and attitude in the teaching and learning process. It may allow to meet the positive effect that can contribute to an improvement of academic performance of students. Teachers may need to motivate their students to participate more in understanding math problems, to give their best, and to be more focused in class discussion. Teachers need to give more support to students who are very anxious in online classes and be more considerate to students who are having a hard time on this platform. Students may maximize the use of technology that could inspire them to become more academically motivated, engaged, and show positive attitude with regards to Mathematics online learning and to come up with their own relevant approaches.


Online Learning Attitude, Online Learning Engagement, Mathematics Academic performance

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