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National Competency Based-Teacher Standard as percieved by the Senior High School Students of State Universities Colleges

Jefferson F. Serrano, Lualhati A. Dela Cruz


Over the years, the issue on teachers’ competence has been a relevant topic among scholars delves in the area of education. This current study aimed to assess the level of competency of Physical Education teacher’s assessed by students and the self-assessment of the teachers using the National Competency- Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS) domains. Using an adapted survey questionnaire, the researcher surveyed 362 students using Cochran Formula and 29 Physical Education teachers from the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in Metro Manila. A cluster sampling technique was used in the study. Teachers’ self- assessments revealed Low level of competency in six domains of NCBTS- Social Regards for Learning, Learning Environment, Diversity of Learners, Curriculum, and Personal Growth and Professional Development. Planning, Assessing and Reporting were rated Fair. Teachers found to have Fair level of competence in using ICT and technology in teaching and learning. On the other hand, students’ assessments revealed teachers were Low in Social Regards for Learning, Learning Environment, Curriculum, and Personal Growth and Professional Development. Planning, Assessing, Diversity of Learners, and Reporting were similarly rated Fair. Results on the Mann Whitney U Test revealed no significant differences (p= 0.055) between students’ assessment and teachers’ self- assessment on teaching competency and no significant difference when teacher respondents were grouped to their sex, educational attainment, and length of service.


Teacher Competency, NCBTS, Physical Education Teachers, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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