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Social-Expressivist Strategies for Teaching Creative Nonfiction during Pandemic

Melanie M. Jimenez


The purpose of this paper was to explore the directions for teaching creative nonfiction during pandemic in Philippine K-12 setting. The paper also investigates the teacher-writers' perspectives on teaching creative nonfiction. The participants of the study were published teacher-writers teaching creative writing and creative nonfiction in the senior public high schools from the six school divisions of the Department of Education in the National Capital Region. Participants acknowledged the strength of social expressivist strategies for navigating the challenges of the pandemic to teaching creative nonfiction. Using a phenomenological approach to qualitative research, findings revealed that the most popular strategies used by teacher-writers under the social expressivist approach were the integration of performance tasks, e-zine, blogging, social media platforms, and other modern digital platforms. The teacher-writers also agreed on capitalizing on and emphasizing the genre's fluidity in the curriculum, leveraging the pedagogical use of personal experiences, and promoting Filipino local writers.


social expressivism, strategies, teaching creative nonfiction, K-12 curriculum

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