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Level of Condition and Extent of Adequacy of Resources in Secondary Schools in Taguig City and Their Effects on the National Achievement Test Performance

Saturnina L. Gomez


The results of the National Achievement Test (NAT) are used to evaluate and track how schools carry out their tasks and responsibilities. Other elements that may affect schools'/students' academic performance were the study's objectives. The state and adequacy of instructional and non-instructional materials and facilities, as well as the placement of schools that are prone to floods, were investigated. Teachers and students were given the opportunity to assess the state of their schools' physical resources and compare the information gathered to see whether there were any significant differences in their assessments. The majority of the data in this study was limited to the TAPAT division's selected flooded and non-flooded public secondary schools, and it used the independent-dependent-variable framework to determine how one variable influences the other. The findings of this study serve as a guide for concerned individuals in developing a policy framework to address this rising problem in the country, as well as reaffirming and supporting the demands of the perennially and non-perennially flooded public secondary schools. The results are difficult for the teachers since they may not be able to use their creativity and passion to help the pupils reach their goals. These will be demonstrated by their sincere implementation of a variety of alternative delivery schemes, instructional programs, curricula and materials, strategies and approaches, including policy changes and shifts, goal and objective formulation, and organized structuring in order to find quality education.


Academic Performance, Achievement, Adequacy, Administrator, Flood, Facility, Material, Condition, Resources

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