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Big Five Personality Traits and its Relationship to Teachers’ Performance Evaluation in the Public High Schools

Joena V. Gonzales, Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales


Teacher quality is one of the main concerns of global education. Determining teaching performance and its relationship with teacher’s personality has been an area that spurs myriads of interpretations based on the context to where teachers are found. Using descriptive-correlational research design, the Big Five Personality Traits and its relationship with teacher performance in the public high schools located in the National Capital Region of the Philippines were described. A total of 457 respondents with 339 female and 118 male, most of the respondents have M.A. units and have been in the service for one to five years were involved in the study. Two hundred seventy five (275) of the respondents are Teacher 1 and have performance evaluation of very satisfactory.

Findings revealed that the most evident dimension in the Big Five Personality Traits among the respondents is Agreeableness, which means that most of the respondents got a high score in this area. This is followed by Conscientiousness, Openness, and Extraversion.  The respondents got the lowest mean score in Neuroticism. However, in terms of the relationship between personality traits and performance evaluation result, no variables have significant relationship with each other.


Big five personality traits; agreeableness; conscientiousness; extraversion; openness neuroticism

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