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Assessment of Public School District Supervisor Functions in Region IV-A Philippines

Michael R. Babao


This study focused on assessing the supervisory functions of Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS) in Region IV-A specifically from the central schools of Quezon and Lucena city, Philippines as a basis for strategic supervisory plan. The study utilized descriptive- correlational type of research. Survey questionnaire was the primary instrument utilized supplemented by interview. Purposive sampling was employed in choosing the 108 respondents and the data were validated through statistical treatment such as percentage, weighted mean and t-test. It was found out that the extent of delivery of PSDS functions based on self-assessment was higher than the assessment of the school principals. This proves that the assessment between the two groups of respondents has a significant difference. However, there was no significance in the relationship between the extent of delivery of the PSDS functions and their personal characteristics. Based on findings to the data collected, the study proposed a supervisory plan designed to develop a strategic supervisory plan based on the existing status of the PSDS functions especially on the aspects of Instructional Management, District Instructional Supervision and Learning Resource Management. This plan will serve as a roadmap and blueprint of the Public Schools District Supervisors (PSDS) in their job. Furthermore, it is recommended that inasmuch as the PSDS had less supervisory experience, the Qualification Standards (QS) for PSDS specifically on supervision must be given emphasis to sustain the policy on giving weight on QS rather than experience.


assessment, supervisory functions, strategic

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