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The Correlation of E-learners’ Socio-Demographic Characteristics and E-Learning Profile on the Academic Performance of PUP Laboratory High School Students in Mathematics

Bernadette Q. Cunanan


Due to the crisis brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, the usage and appreciation of e-learning have expanded in the teaching and learning processes. This research aims to correlate the relationship of high school students' socio-demographic characteristics and e-learning profiles on their academic performances in mathematics. The research adheres to the constructivism theoretical framework, which assumes that traditional learning can be strengthened by freshly instilling agents (e-learning). E-learning will help build new information on top of existing knowledge and initiate and facilitate learning toward independent learning. The study developed is descriptive-correlational. Descriptive correlational studies describe the variables and the relationships that occur naturally between and among them. Pearson Correlation was applied using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software to measure the relationship of the demographic profile and e-learning characteristics of the student-respondents to their academic performances. A researcher-made questionnaire was used to elicit student respondents' information on their socio-demographic characteristics and e-learning profile as the independent variables. The results show a significant relationship between the e-learning profile of the students towards their academic performances. However, their socio-demographic characteristics have nothing to do with their academic performances. Furthermore, duties at home, number of family members, monthly income of the respondents do not affect their performances in school. Therefore, the e-learning profile of the respondents must be strengthened to improve their academic performances.


e-learning profile, e-learning, academic performance, socio-demographic characteristic, students

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