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Life Values of College Students of a State University in the Philippines: Baseline for a Proposed Guidance and Counseling Program

Dither June U. Malaluan


This study was conducted to assess the Life Values of the college students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Cavite, a State University in Southern Luzon, Philippines. Specifically, the study aimed at determining the significant difference of students’ life values when grouped according to their personal profile. This study involved the 412 respondents randomly selected from PUP- Maragondon Branch and its annex in Alfonso, Cavite using stratified random sampling. An instrument adopted from the Life Values Inventory of Dr. Kelly Crace was used to gather pertinent data to support the aim of the study. It was found out that the respondents have high assessment of their personal, social and environmental values. The age difference affects the respondents’ assessment of their personal and environmental values. Female respondents posted higher assessment of their social values than male participants. The participants’ personal values are affected by parents’ educational attainment. These results were used for the proposal of an effective guidance and counseling program to aid students in strengthening and enhancing their life values. Moreover, this study would be of significance in realigning the school’s guidance program which may assist the students in enhancing their values system. Towards the end, the establishment of a more visible and responsive guidance program that will address the significant results of this study is highly recommended.


environmental values, guidance and counseling program, life values, personal values, social values

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