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Challenges in Academic Top Leadership as Perceived by Women Leaders

Daizylyn Caan-Palillo


The leadership of Higher Education in the Philippines both in State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) have been led by men leaders. However, in this changing world, a lot of empowered women have been taking the position of top leadership in this sector and remarkably adapt the good practices that would benefit the institution they are serving. In this climate of change where new leadership style is applied, challenges are inevitable which requires skills to make a wise decision that would benefit all stakeholders. In this study, five women presidents were interviewed to explore how they perceived challenges in their leadership journey. Findings revealed that women presidents experience the same challenges as to men in various ways yet these challenges made their faith even stronger and their character finer. On the other hand, challenges affect the implementation of change. It was a huge challenge but their desire to put their respective institution on spotlight drives them to become more determined with motherly approach in the process. This has become their edge in enforcing teamwork among their employees which open doors for smooth implementation of change.


challenges, higher institution, top leadership, women leaders

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