European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 8, No 3 (2019)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Nutraceutical Exploration of Wild Edible Fruits of District Tor Ghar, Nothern Pakistan PDF
Abbas Hussain Shah, Azhar Hussain Shah, Azhar Mehmood, Khalid Rasheed Khan, Muhammad Farooq, Laiba Zohra pp. 459-468
Waste Water Production in Fabric Processing in Bangladesh PDF
MD Arman Hossain pp. 558-563

Social science section

The Impact of Religiosity and Spirituality on Academic Dishonesty of Students in Pakistan PDF
Inam Ullah Khan, Adeel Khalid, Syed Anwer Hasnain, Sami Ullah, Naeem Ali pp. 381-398
Viewpoints of Experts of Agricultural Jihad Centers toward the Agricultural Extension: New Approach in Fars Province PDF
Narges Ansari, Kurosh Rezaei-Moghaddam, Mahsa Fatemi pp. 399-410
Impact of Openness on Economic Growth in Developing Economies: An Empirical Analysis PDF
Bin Sheng, Sumbal Fatima, Muhammad Saqib Irshad, Muhammad Ramzan pp. 411-425
Pakistani Physicians: Exploring the Paradox of Public Service Motivation and User Orientation PDF
Rizwan Shabbir, Muhammad Abrar, Mohsin Bashir, Sharjeel Saleem, Arfan Ali, Fasih Asghar pp. 426-438
Role of Family Firms to Uplift the Financial Performance and Investment Opportunities of Listed Manufacturing Firms of Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Zulfiqar, Muhammad Kashif Khurshid, Sadeen Ghafoor, Aamer Saleem pp. 439-458
The Relationship between Work Values, Affective Commitment, Emotional Intelligence, and Employee Engagement: A Moderated Mediation Model PDF
Kashif Nadeem, Waheed Akram, Hafiz Fawad Ali, Yasir Iftikhar, Waqas Shamshad pp. 469-482
The Influence of Personal Innovativeness and Price Value on Intention to Use of Electric Vehicles in Malaysia PDF
Hamed Khazaei pp. 483-494
In Pursuit of Inclusive Institutional Growth: A Comparative Pattern of Selected Asian Countries PDF
Aribah Aslam, Abdul Farooq pp. 495-511
The Relationship among Directors' Pay, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Financial Sector of Pakistan PDF
Aamir Inam Bhutta, Muhammad Fayyaz Sheikh, Jahanzaib Sultan, Muhammad Azeem Naseer pp. 512-525
Determinants of Return on Assets PDF
Ali Raza Sattar pp. 526-534
Relationship between Procrastination, Job Performance and Mindfulness in Male and Female Employees: A Mediating Model PDF
Zafar Ahmad pp. 535-543
An Investigation of the Relationship between Thematic Thinking and Innovative Work Behavior among Managers: The Mediating Role of Open-mindedness PDF
Rakhshan Ummar, Sharjeel Saleem, Muhammad Abrar, Arfan Ali pp. 544-557
Economic Analysis of Organic Wheat Production in Pakistan: Adoption and Return on Investment PDF
Rakhshanda Kousar, Muhammad Sohail Amjad Makhdum, Tahira Sadaf, Syed Asif Ali Naqvi, Abdul Majeed Nadeem pp. 564-574
Impact of Software Testing Techniques on Software Project Success through Regression Analysis PDF
Iqra Mubeen, Muhammad Abdullah, Ijaz Yousuf, M. Usama Nazir, Syed Anwer Hasnain pp. 575-583
Analysis of Motivation Level of L2 Learners in Enhancing Speaking Skill PDF
Muhammad Asif, Deng Zhiyong, Samma Faiz Rasool, Muhammad Aftab Madni pp. 584-593