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Pakistani Physicians: Exploring the Paradox of Public Service Motivation and User Orientation

Rizwan Shabbir, Muhammad Abrar, Mohsin Bashir, Sharjeel Saleem, Arfan Ali, Fasih Asghar


The desire to support single beneficiary of public services (user orientation) has divergence with desire to support society at large, both motivations compete in same dimensional space. Extra ordinary usage of broad spectrum antibiotics creates negative externalities for society as large because excessive use of antibiotics creates resistance among bacteria that become hard and expensive to cure. There exists large gap to comprehend difference between discrete choices of both motivations of public service. The antibiotics prescriptions behavior of Pakistani general physicians (Doctors) has been analyzed in this study to investigate the association between Public Service Motivation and user orientation with this behavior. 250 Pakistani general practitioners were chosen in both private and public sector to investigate the PSM relationship with user orientation. The findings indicate that there is different association between Public Service Motivation and user orientation regarding prescription behavior of the general physicians (Doctors). This entails that it is necessary to investigate this behavior difference to know whether the public service provider is fascinated towards helping single beneficiary or be concerned more about society.


Public Service Motivation, User orientation, public sector doctors

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