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An Investigation of the Relationship between Thematic Thinking and Innovative Work Behavior among Managers: The Mediating Role of Open-mindedness

Rakhshan Ummar, Sharjeel Saleem, Muhammad Abrar, Arfan Ali


There exists empirical evidence that thematic thinking through the mediation of innovativeness impacts employee performance. We, in an explorative manner, went further to understand the underlying mechanism which promotes innovative work-related behavior. We collected data from individuals at R&D assignments of various organizations where new ideas and products are developed. A total of 295 survey forms were collected, and the analysis was done using the PROCESS Macro for SPSS in order to test the mediation model. The results revealed that thematic thinking was positively linked to open-mindedness and innovative work behavior; also open-mindedness mediated the relationship between thematic thinking and innovative work behavior. This study has explored, tested, and empirically proved a novel relation in the local context of R&D related individuals (managers) working in diverse fields. The current research extends thematic thinking in the domain of cognition, innovation, and workplace behavior. It concludes that managerial decision making is elemental in performing innovatively. Practical and managerial implications, limitations, and future research directions are discussed to enrich the domain of thematic similarity further.


Similarity, Thematic Thinking, Open-mindedness,Innovative Work Behavior

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