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Nutraceutical Exploration of Wild Edible Fruits of District Tor Ghar, Nothern Pakistan

Abbas Hussain Shah, Azhar Hussain Shah, Azhar Mehmood, Khalid Rasheed Khan, Muhammad Farooq, Laiba Zohra


The present study deals with the exploration of wild edible fruits consumed by indigenous tribes in district Tor Ghar for curing different ailments. Wild edible fruits are potential source of nutrition and medicine. This is the first ethno-nutraceutical investigation of wild edible fruits of Tor Ghar. Local wisdom was interrogated by group discussions and semi structured interviews to assess the role of wild fruits in healthcare system of the region. Informants were randomly selected from five tribes of the district. It was found that the wild fruits have a great socioeconomic significance owing to their high nutritional and medicinal values. In the current study thirty eight wild edible fruits belonging to 29 genera and 22 families were documented for their ethno-nutraceutical importance. The study also revealed that general body weakness and digestive disorders are mostly cured by consuming wild edible fruits. The highest number of wild edible fruits belong to family Rosaceae (8 plant species). Popularity of wild edible plants among different tribes of Tor Ghar was assessed quantitatively by a statistical relation Fidelity level %age. Fidelity level index shows values for each species in descending order from Jugalans regia( 74.4%) to Buxus wallichiana (17.4%). The most popular wild edible fruit species was found Jugalans regia that scores highest fidelity level value.


Ethno-nutraceutical, Fidelity level, Tor Ghar

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