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Viewpoints of Experts of Agricultural Jihad Centers toward the Agricultural Extension: New Approach in Fars Province

Narges Ansari, Kurosh Rezaei-Moghaddam, Mahsa Fatemi


Despite the numerous efforts have been done to develop and modernize the agricultural sector of Iran, this important sector has faced many serious challenges. The main role of agricultural extension in developing countries is to transfer new technologies created by research organizations of the public sector through proper methods such as exhibition, farm visits, meeting with farmers, using media, etc. Agricultural extension system is one of the most important means of diffusing agricultural advanced findings and also providing educational and advisory services which play a vital role in the development process, especially rural development. Agricultural extension in Iran doesn’t have a favorable situation and hasn’t been able to grow itself in terms of the approaches and extension methods, the formulation of aims and tasks, and organizing structure and organization. Therefore, it is essential that Iran’s agricultural extension system, while addressing the challenges and failures, prepares itself for more effective management of future changes. This study was carried out in Fars province using survey research method. The stratified random sampling was used in the research. The statistical population of the research was 130 experts of the agricultural Jihad center of Fars. The findings showed that there is a difference between the performance of different activities in the pilot and non-pilot centers from the experts’ point of view. The findings showed that attitude variables were the most effective in predicting the regression model. At last, some recommendations were presented due to the research results in order to improve the performance of service centers’ activities.


Agricultural Extension, Approach, Performance, Attitude, Fars.

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