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The Influence of Personal Innovativeness and Price Value on Intention to Use of Electric Vehicles in Malaysia

Hamed Khazaei


Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) must deal with several concerns, such as battery range, infrastructures, maintenance and spare parts. In other hand, BEVs like any other new technology, have a very small market share at their initial stage. Moreover, with rising attention in global warming, and concerns of possible increase in gas and oil prices in future, several car manufacturers have started producing electric and hybrid cars. These aspects have also attracted people to have intention of using electric cars. In countries having high contribution of renewable energies in electricity production, electric cars have direct effect on healthier environment. The aim of this paper is to study the impact of social influence, facilitation condition, Price value, performance expectancy, and personal innovativeness on intention to use of electric vehicles in Malaysia. Respondents of study were lecturers and postgraduate students in University Technology Malaysia and employees in five companies in Kuala Lumpur. The results of this study evidenced that social influence, price value, performance expectancy, and personal innovativeness have positive influence on intention to purchase of a full electric vehicle. However, the results showed negative influence of facilitating condition on intention to use of BEVs.


Electric Vehicles; Green Purchase; Green Technologies; Technology Acceptance Model

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