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The Impact of Religiosity and Spirituality on Academic Dishonesty of Students in Pakistan

Inam Ullah Khan, Adeel Khalid, Syed Anwer Hasnain, Sami Ullah, Naeem Ali


Business ethics has become a very popular topic in recent decades and having news on media on a daily basis which is now increased in a number of high profile business scandals that shook the business world. That is the cause of academy dishonesty of students in many universities and colleges where student training of ethics are very low for such kind of business scandals emerged. There are two factors which are under research in this topic in academy dishonest and cheating behavior which are religiosity and spirituality. This study shed lights on the religious beliefs and unethical behaviors by focusing the students of Pakistan which are studying at Universities level having academic dishonesty and cheating behavior. The individual attitudes, views, decisions making and the behaviors according to the situation are influenced by religiosity and spirituality which are posited in this study. The objective of this research is to find out the relationship between religiosity and spirituality on cheating behavior with the help of cheating attitude as mediator. A cross-sectional study conducted on the postgraduate student in Pakistan and collected from four post-graduate institutes in Lahore, which are COMSATS, NCBA&E, UMT and Punjab University. So the result of this research shows that religiosity but not spirituality is a predictor of attitudes of the student toward cheating and cheating behavior.


Religiosity, Spirituality, Academic Dishonesty, Attitude, Behavior.

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