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Relationship between Procrastination, Job Performance and Mindfulness in Male and Female Employees: A Mediating Model

Zafar Ahmad


Self-determination theory is a commonly applied framework for identifying and understanding procrastination, mindfulness and job performance. This approach has further been used to comprehend telecom employee issues. Apart from previous theoretical recommendations, there exist only a few of empirical studies on above matter. The endeavor of the current study is to investigate the mediating role of mindfulness between procrastination and job performance across male and female employees.

Purposive sampling technique was applied based on cross-sectional approach. Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS; Brown & Ryan, 2003), Tuckman’s Procrastination Scale (TPS; Tuckman, 1991), and Job Performance Scale (JP-S; Wright, Kacmar, Mcmahan, &Deleeuw, 1995) have been used to a sample of 400 male and female employees  from different telecom’s employee of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in Pakistan.

The correlation as well as moderation to mediation analyses have been used to investigate the study data. Findings demonstrate that procrastination is associated with lower level of mindfulness in female and male employees. Additionally, mindfulness is also linked to higher level of job performance in female employees. Moreover, mindfulness had positive influence to enhance job performance in male employees. Results reveal that procrastination is associated with higher level of job performance because higher level of the mindfulness across female and male employees.

These results support the self-determination theory recommending that mindfulness could decrease procrastination and increase job performance in male and female employees. These findings also suggest that procrastination could inhibit job performance in male and female employees.


Mindfulness, Procrastination, Job Performance, Male & Female Employees,

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