European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 3, No 4(s) (2014)

Special Issue on Architecture, Urbanism, and Civil Engineering

Guest editors:

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Ghiai, Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University, Yadegar- e- Imam Khomeini (RAH) Branch, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Ali Hossein Pour Hajjar, Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University, Yadegar- e- Imam Khomeini (RAH) Branch, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Mojtaba Mahdavinia, Assistant Professor, University of Art, Tehran, Iran

Table of Contents

Natural science section

A Survey in the Role of Climatic Elements in Forming Residential Buildings in Traditional Architecture of Dezful Town PDF
Mohammad Sayadpour, Hengameh Abdollahi pp. 168-176
Analysis of the Impact of Removing Meander on Shear Stress and Energy Line Slope by Hec-ras: A Case Study in Krishan Meander of Karun River PDF
Iraj Rezapour, Mahmoud Shafaei Bajestan, Suse's Poor pp. 177-186
Saving Energy in Buildings through Local Architecture Principles PDF
Mohadeseh Nikoei, Mohammad Mansour Falamaki, Abas Masoudi pp. 301-306
Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of Meanders Removal on Changes in Erosion Rate: A Case Study in Karun River's Gangieh Meander PDF
Ehsan Ebrahimi, Mahmoud Shafaei Bajestan pp. 366-377
Geo-mechanical Consideration in Research Project of Constructing Sheikh Besharat Dam in Bijar County with Gamma-Gamma Methods PDF
Hamid Kaykhah pp. 396-404
Evaluating Liquefaction Potential using OCDI and Robertson Wride Methods in Parts of Bandar Abbas’ Shahid Rajaei Port PDF
Mehdi Hagh Panah, Masoud Dehghani pp. 433-446
Analysis of Soil Slope Stability in Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Soil under Leakage Based on Numerical and Limit Equilibrium Methods PDF
Arash Aghaamini Lavasani pp. 623-633
Evaluation of Gelabar Earth Dam Behavior during Construction and First Watering by the Method of Limited Components and Comparison with Real Amount Resulted by Precise Instruments Data PDF
Reza Mollaei, Mohammad Mollaei, Mohammad Hossein Noori Gheidari, Hamid Ali Elahi pp. 657-676
Designing a Building Form to Utilize Renewable Energies PDF
Ahmad Fathi Najaf Abadi, Mina Pakdaman Tirani pp. 677-686

Social science section

An Analysis of Architectural Characteristics of an Aquarium from Bionic Design Approach PDF
Zahra Araghizadeh pp. 1-6
Review of Environmental Paradigms in Residential Complexes: A Case Study in Ekbatan Complex PDF
Mojtaba Mahdavinia, Nahideh Sardari Mamaghani, Sayeh Goudarzi pp. 7-15
The Architectural Formation of Stadiums in Different Periods of Time PDF
Seyed Amir Hossein Marashi Pour, Farhad Kazemian pp. 16-22
A Review on Influences of Pre Islamic Architecture on Islamic Architecture in Early Centuries PDF
Reyhaneh Esmaeili pp. 23-32
An Analytic Study on Evolution of Social Spaces PDF
Saeed Ghaedi, Mojtaba Mahdavinia pp. 33-38
Designing the Residential Places for Tourists Based on Environmental Factors and Green Architecture: A Case Study in Historical City of Masouleh PDF
Saeid Hasanpour Luomer, Hasan Sattari Sarbangholi, Sahar Toofan pp. 39-46
Recognition of Sustainability in Iran’s Vernacular Architecture PDF
Hossein Mansouri, Farhad Kazemian pp. 47-54
Audience Embodiment in Haptic Space of Film PDF
Mohammad Bagher Ghahramani, Marzieh Piravi Vanak, Hamed Mazaherian, Alireza Sayyad, Emad Moaddab pp. 55-65
Designing Principles for Energy Efficiency in Residential Complex in Iran PDF
Masoumeh Gheymati pp. 66-72
The Assessment of Elderly Recreation and Leisure Activities Construction Center: A Case Study in Rasht PDF
Hamidreza Sarvari, Azadeh Abedini pp. 73-79
Evaluating Architecture and Urbanism Regulations in Establishing High Buildings (Case study: Hamadan City) PDF
Amir Rahmani, Mohsen ghorbankhani, mahshad biglarkhani, mahnaz akbari, fatemeh Moeinifar pp. 80-89
Recognizing Monuments of Timurid Dynasty in Cultural Area of Fars PDF
Mana Ghabussi, Reyhaneh Esmaeili pp. 90-97
Sustainable Development and its Concepts in Rural Residential Spaces of Sistan, Iran PDF
Mohammad Ali Sargazi pp. 98-106
An Analysis of the Quality of Housing in Tehran City, Iran PDF
Masoumeh Gheimati pp. 107-111
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design PDF
Moghaddam Rad Farham, Mohammad Mohammad Gholian pp. 112-118
Seeking Archetype of Water Storages of Qeshm Island PDF
Mehdi Bavaghar Zaeimi, Fatemeh Jafari pp. 119-128
Analyzing the Correlation between Urban Spaces and Place Attachment Evidence from: Narmak Neighborhood in Tehran PDF
Soroush Karami, Mojgan Ghafary, Abbas Fakhrayee pp. 129-139
The Essential Principles for Airport Circulation PDF
Seyyed Morteza Shahnemati, Farhad Kazemian pp. 140-147
Investigating the Characteristics of Open Spaces to Enhance Social Interactions in Neighborhood Environments PDF
Sanaz Rahravi Poodeh, Amir Hossein Pouriaye Vali pp. 148-158
The Role of Interior Design in Optimizing Living Space: A Case Study in Interior Arrangement and Lighting PDF
Mahtab Armaghan, Hamid Servatju pp. 159-167
Investigating the Relationship between Urban Space Factors and Social Capital in Historical Context: Evidence from City of Tehran PDF
Amin Tajbakhshian, Abbas Fakhrayee pp. 187-197
Analysis of Architectural Structure (Mosque - Shrine) of Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa in Timurid Period of Iran in Balkh, Afghanistan PDF
Fereshteh Kharrazi Qadim pp. 198-208
Climatology Center Design in Relation with Understanding Different Climates and Its Performance in Research, Cultural and Educational Fields PDF
Afshar Sahraei Loron, Fatemeh Kateb pp. 209-217
Investigating Aesthetics Manifestations in Persian Gardens and their Comparison with Western Gardens PDF
Elham Kazemi, Rasol Darskhan pp. 218-227
Strategies and Techniques for Optimized Design of Façade in High-rise Buildings: An Energy-Efficient Approach: A Case Study in a Residential Tower Located in Urban District 22, Tehran, Iran PDF
Amir Ashkan Abdoli, Heidar Jahan Bakhsh pp. 228-237
Virtual Reality of Fantasy Travel Utopia PDF
Afshar Sahraei Loron, Mehrdad Sahraei Loron pp. 238-249
An Analysis of Residence Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics in Old-Context Location in Dezfoul PDF
Hamid Reza Saremi, Saeedeh Rashidi Asl, Zohreh Ezzati, Mansoureh Sadat Amini Nezhad pp. 250-265
Archaeological Parks Planning for the Purpose of Developing Cultural Tourism in Different Communities: A Case Study in Ancient Area of Burnt City of Sistan PDF
Behrooz Naroei, Homa Irani Behbahani pp. 266-275
The Role of Hotel Architecture in Tourists Attraction Development PDF
Solmaz Dargahi, Mahdieh Pazhouhanfar pp. 276-288
Reviewing and Redefining the Role of Social Capital in Achieving Sustainable Cities: Strengthening Citizen Participation in Energy Conservation PDF
Mohammad Moayedi, Reza Kheiruddin pp. 289-300
Realizing the Sustainable Development of Urban Economy in Identifying the Potential Range of City by Using SWOT Technique PDF
Mahdieh Nakhaei, Bakhtiar Ezzat Panah, Hosein Ali Khamri, Abdullah Doosti, Mehrdad Abbasiyan pp. 307-319
The Ideal and Practical Pattern of Positioning Police Stations in Qazvin City and its Comparison with the Present Condition PDF
Mohammad Hasan Rahmani, Ehsan Golmehr pp. 320-329
A Background of Khatam Art PDF
Nikoo Shojanoori pp. 330-344
Regional Investigation of Crimes and Socio-Security-Economic Modeling of Database: A Case Study in Qazvin Province PDF
Mohammad Hasan Rahmani, Ehsan Golmehr pp. 345-353
An Analysis of Regional Inequalities in West Azerbaijan with Emphasis on Socio-Cultural Factors PDF
Mahdieh Nakhaei, Karim Hoseinzadeh Dalir, Hosein Ali Khamri, Abdullah Doosti, Mehrdad Abbasian pp. 354-365
Designing Principles in Historical Buildings of Iran PDF
Ghazaleh Kari, Amir Reza Karimi Azeri, Sheida Ettehad pp. 378-388
Refreshing the Architectural Design of Urban Centers in Tabriz Based on Historical Documents: A Case Study in Saheb Abad, Shanb Ghazan, and Alishah Mosque PDF
Parna Kazemian pp. 389-395
Designing Educational Places for Teaching Music PDF
Fereshteh Kharrazi Qadim pp. 405-409
The Role of Culture in Promoting Architectural Identity PDF
Sheida Ettehad, Amir Reza Karimi Azeri, Ghazaleh Kari pp. 410-418
Designing Ahwaz Center of Architectural Studies with Context-Oriented Approach PDF
Mozhgan Chankook, Mojir Jalilian pp. 419-425
The Impact of Urban Elements on Creating a Sense of Social Solidarity PDF
Vahid Ghorbani, Mohamad Mohamadiasl, Fatemeh Keshvari, Hamzeh Khorshidvand pp. 426-432
The Role of Public Urban Spaces in Creating a Vivacious Society: A Case Study in Tabriz, Iran PDF
Mehrdad Farrokhi Kaleybar, Shaham Asadi, Hojjatollah Rashid Kalvir pp. 447-452
The Study of the Relationship between House Architecture and Crime: A Case Study in Shahre-Kord, Iran PDF
Paria Sanei pp. 453-459
An Analysis of the Managerial Performance of the Councils in Sustainable Rural Development in Rostam City, Iran PDF
Ali Shamsoddini pp. 460-467
The Role of Sustainable Architecture in Urban Sustainable Development: A Case Study in Hong Kong Bank PDF
Shokooh Neshani Fam, Reza Haghgoshaei pp. 468-474
The Aspects of Biological Culture Recreating and its Relationship with the Approach of Contextual Architecture (Bandar Abbas City) PDF
Sara Amirshekari, Hasanali Pourmand pp. 475-491
Mobile Civilization, Tangible Assets, Intangible Assets, Cultural Tourism, Central Plateau of Iran PDF
Hamideh Beigi, Mohammad Hossein Ramesht, Mehri Azani pp. 492-500
Investigating the Patterns of Islamic Architecture in Architecture Design of Third Millennium Mosques PDF
Parvin Farazmand, Hassan Satari Sarbangholi pp. 501-514
Recognition of the Role of Bricks and Brick Structures in the Human: A Case Study in Kermanshah, Iran PDF
Hamid Reza Gholami pp. 515-519
Considering the Effect of Gender on women’s Understanding of Architectural Spaces PDF
Rafieh Lelhaj, Mir Saeed Moosavi pp. 520-533
Form and Geometry in Decorative Tile Work in Khayyatha Mosque, Isfahan PDF
Nima Vali Beig, Shafagh Tavakoli, Nafise Khodadadi pp. 534-546
Reviewing the Role of Culture on Formation of Vernacular Architecture PDF
Mohammad Hadi Zare, Farhad Kazemian pp. 547-553
The Role of Islamic Architecture in Promoting the Quality of Life PDF
Elham Kazemi, Leila Mohebbi pp. 554-565
The Position of Tourism Industry and its Influence on Urban Sustainable Development PDF
Fatemeh Gholampour pp. 566-572
Non-Visual Elements of Perception in Bazars PDF
Mitra Ghafourian, Mina Peysokhan pp. 573-588
Evaluation of the Rules Related to Monuments' Frontage and its Role in Protecting Cultural Monuments PDF
Hossein Sultanzade, Maryam Kiaei, Nastaran Rasouli, Mahdokht Kiaei pp. 589-597
The Semantics of Water in Architecture and Applying it in Designing Indoors of Contemporary Houses PDF
Hamideh Estarabi Ashtiani pp. 598-608
Conceptual Ideas in Taj Mahal, India PDF
Hamideh Estarabi Ashtiani pp. 609-615
The Place and Value of Cultural Development in Architecture and Urbanism PDF
Amin Kamali pp. 616-622
Evaluation of the Application of Building Information Modeling Technology in Intelligent Architecture Realization PDF
Hamid Fadakari pp. 634-646
Applying VNPSO Algorithm to Solve the Many-to-Many Hub Location-Routing Problem in a Large scale PDF
Nahid Mokhtari, Mehdi Abbasi pp. 647-656