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Analyzing the Correlation between Urban Spaces and Place Attachment Evidence from: Narmak Neighborhood in Tehran

Soroush Karami, Mojgan Ghafary, Abbas Fakhrayee


One of the key concerns of urban designers is the influence of urban space on individuals’ satisfaction as well as their attachment to a certain place. Thus, neighborhood social spaces with their design appear to be essential features of residential complexes. The current research purposes not only to elaborate on the part of urban spaces, but also attempts to recommend designing measures for residential complexes. Based on existing literature, the research has considered urban space features by taking into consideration Narmak neighborhood in the east of Tehran. Results confirmed the main role of urban spaces in the attachment to neighborhood. Security and tranquility were the two other important conditions for those inhabitants. Based on these outcomes, it is obvious that the physical characteristics have two significant roles in the neighborhood attachment; first, they simplify social activities and make available occasions to progress social attachment and second, improve qualitative design attributes.


urban space, residential complex, place attachment, Narmak neighborhood

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