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Analysis of the Impact of Removing Meander on Shear Stress and Energy Line Slope by Hec-ras: A Case Study in Krishan Meander of Karun River

Iraj Rezapour, Mahmoud Shafaei Bajestan, Suse's Poor


Changes and displacements caused by natural or synthetic factors in the track of geometric characteristics of the river is the logical result of river systems' reaction to establishment of a new balance between erosion and deposition process. In this research, the impact of removing Krishan meander on the shear stress and energy line slope of Karun river flow in Ahvaz interval was studied by hec-ras software in two states. In the first state, the current status of Karun river and in the second state Krishan Meander in the downstream of Ahvaz were ignored and shear stress and energy line slope were compared in two states. By comparing two states, it was concluded that ignoring Krishan Meander, average shear stress and energy line slope increased and the increasing level enhanced with the increase of flood discharge. Shear stress increase also reduced the probability of formation of sedimentary hills in city range.


shear stress, energy line slope, hec-ras, shortcut

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