European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 3, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Rotating Black Holes in Conformal Gravity PDF
Sara Dastan, Ali Farokhtabar, Mohammad Ali Ganjali, Bahare Hosseini pp. 892-896
Antimicrobial Effect of Dill Seed Oil Essence on Growth of Staphylococcus Aureus in Hamburgers PDF
Mahsa Derakhshan, Fatemeh Zaaboli, Niloofar Qasempour pp. 950-957
Effectiveness of Behavioral Activation Treatment for Depression and HbA1C in Diabetics type II PDF
Bakhtiar Moslemi, Zolikha Gholizadeh, Ahmad Sohrabi pp. 958-971
An Investigation into the Role of Nano-Silica in Improving Strength of Lightweight Concrete PDF
Hamed Hasehmpour, Keivan Mohammadi Atashgah, Morteza Karbalaei Rezaei pp. 1058-1067
The Study of Dormancy Breaking in Grapevine Buds by Using Chemical in Ahvaz Area PDF
Arezoo Naderi, Majid Rahemi, Nourollah Moalemi pp. 1207-1211
A Study on the Damping Ratio of the Viscous Fluid Dampers in the Braced Frames PDF
Mohammad Reza Arefi pp. 1223-1235

Social science section

Examining the Effects of Behavior Variables (Skill, Attitude and Personality) on Employees’ Empowerment (Case Study: Karafarin Bank) PDF
Mahshid Sherafati, Roohollah Mohammadi pp. 819-826
Studying the Role of Habits and Achievement Motivation in Improving Students’ Academic Performance PDF
Kambiz Yazdani, Varsha Sane Godbole pp. 827-839
The Effect of Visual Mnemonic Support Practice on the Reading Comprehension of Psychology Texts PDF
Zahra Kordjazi pp. 840-848
Correlation between Dimensions of Perfectionism and Defense Mechanisms with Narcissism in Students of Islamic Azad University-Tonekabon Branch PDF
ahmad shamsaldini, mohammadreza zarbakhsh, Abdolali Yaghoubi pp. 849-859
Strategic Planning for Reaching the Stable Urban Safety in the Unsafe Sectors of the City (Case Study: Khalazirdistrict in Region 19 of Tehran) PDF
Fatemehalsadat Afsahhosseini pp. 860-874
A Study on the Explicit and Implicit Memory Bias among People with Social Anxiety Disorder and Normal Participants PDF
Ali Farhadi, Yazdan Movahedi, Mohammad Almasian, Abdolkhalegh Minashiri, Galavizh Karimi Javan, Soheila Khazaee pp. 875-881
A Survey on Antecedents of Brand Preference (A Case of Samsung on Audio and Video Products) PDF
Zahra Kashanizadeh, Mohammad Rahim Esfidani pp. 882-891
Analysis of the Effects of Relative Price Changes as Supply Shocks on Inflation in Iran PDF
Akbar Komijani, Majid Ahmadlu, Kambiz Hozhabr Kiani, Farhad Ghaffari pp. 897-905
Legal - Juridical Nature of the Insurer and the Insured Commitments, and their Incompatibility with General Conditions of Law in Comprehensive Car Insurance PDF
Soghra Chehrehnejhad, Bashoukouh Mozaffar, Hanifehzadeh Latif pp. 906-913
A Study on Metal Objects of the Iron Age in Masjed-e-Kabud Located in Tabriz PDF
Fakhrolsadat Bassampour pp. 914-924
Auditor Style and Comparability of Financial Statements: a Comparison of Audit Style in Iran and U.S.A. PDF
Abdolreza Mohseni, Fereydoon rahnamay roodposhti, Hashem Nikomaram, Hamidreza Vakili Fard, Fazllolah Lak pp. 925-935
The Effect of Student Team-Achievement Division (STAD) on Language Achievement of Iranian EFL Students across Gender PDF
farahnaz Rimani Nikou, Alireza Bonyadi, Khatereh Ebrahimi pp. 936-949
Factors Impeding Online Shopping: An Arab World Perspective PDF
M. Sadiq Sohail pp. 972-982
The Influence of Social, Economic and Cultural Factors on the Level of Religiosity of Youths with an Average Age of 25 to 29 (A Case Study in Ilam) PDF
Gelareh Kohzadi, Tahmours Shiri pp. 983-991
The Position of Transaction Cause in the Iranian Law PDF
Alireza Haji Ahmadi, Mohammad Roshan, Noshafarin Rezai pp. 992-999
Pathology in Advertising Graphics (Designer, Customer and Audience) PDF
Niloufar Ariaei Monfared pp. 1000-1009
Nurse Caring Behaviors from Patients’ and Nurses’ Perspective: A Comparative Study PDF
Mohammad Esmaiel Hajinezhad, Parviz Azodi pp. 1010-1017
Comparison of Conception of Space-Time between Dysgraphic Children and Normal Children of Ilam Province, Iran PDF
Abdolabbas Mohammadi, Mahshid Darabeigi, Zahra Gholamhosein Ajili pp. 1018-1029
Intellectual Capital and Investment Opportunity Set PDF
hamidreza jafaridehkordi, Ruzita Abdul Rahim pp. 1030-1041
An Examination of the Personality of Dick Prosser, the Protagonist in Thomas Wolfe’s the Child by Tiger, as a Byronic Hero PDF
Mehdi Khoshkalampour pp. 1042-1050
A Survey of Perceptions and Expectations of Citizens from Improvement of Villages to City and Its Effect on the Quality of Urban Services PDF
Hossein Amozad Mahdiraji, Mehdi Moradi Koochi pp. 1051-1057
ELT Textbook Evaluation in Iran, New Insights PDF
Behrouz Jamalvandi pp. 1068-1078
A Content Analysis of the “Peyman Yazd” and “Besharat Nou” Newspapers in the First Three Months of 2012 PDF
Mahmoudreza Mortazavi, Javad Azarnegar, Masoud Hadjizadeh Meimandi 1079-1088
Identifying Incentives of Male Employees in the National Iranian Drilling Company for Taking Part in Sport Activities: A Case Study in Ahvaz, Iran PDF
Zeinab Fakhar, Abdorrahman Mehdi Pour, Tahereh Azmsha pp. 1089-1098
Foreign Trade, Population and Energy Consumption: Evidence from Selected Oil Producing Countries PDF
Seyyed Ali Paytakhti Oskooe, Laleh Tabaghchi Akbari pp. 1099-1108
The Study of the Performance of Reformation Government from the Perspective of Renovation PDF
Mohammad Aghayi, Mohammadreza Fathi Mehr pp. 1109-1115
The Relationship between Talent Management and Organizational Commitment in International Division of Tejarat Bank, Iran PDF
Somayyeh Nobarieidishe, Raheleh Chamanifard, Amin Nikpour pp. 1116-1123
Effect of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour on Total Quality Management and Organizational Performance (Case study: Dana Insurance Co.) PDF
Houriya Aslefallah, Ali Badizadeh pp. 1124-1136
An Integrated FAHP-PROMETHEE Approach For Selecting The Best Flexible Manufacturing System PDF
Peiman Ghasemi, Ehsan Talebi Brijani pp. 1137-1150
Compiling Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) Strategy with Approach to Balanced Scorecard (BSC) at the Level of MASKAN BANK PDF
Hossein Vazifehdust, Daryush Golestan, Ali Baghani pp. 1151-1173
Advantages of Commercial International Judgment and the Role of Regional Judgment Centers in Settlement of Commercial Disputes among Developing Countries PDF
Anoshirvan Karimi, Fa’ezeh Khoshhal, Amin Khoshhal pp. 1174-1181
Developing Tests and Physical Fitness Norms for Female Students in Iran PDF
Soheila Sarvi, Sara Hasani Nogani, Nora Davarpanah, Meisam Zabihzadeh Roshan pp. 1182-1187
The Study of the Relationship between Agriculture Produce Type and the Agricultural Tourist (Agrotourist) Attraction Feasibility in the Southern Khorasan Province PDF
Hamid Fakhimzade pp. 1188-1194
Translatability and Untranslatability of Collocations in Ernest Hemingway’s Novels PDF
Simin Dokht Pahlavani, Bijan Bateni, Hossein Shams Hosseini pp. 1195-1206
The Effect of Oil Revenues on Government Size and Economic Growth in Selected Countries (Iran, Norway, Saudi Arabia) PDF
Marziyeh Khabazi, Abolfazl Janati Mashkani, Mohamad Reza Ghasemi pp. 1212-1222
Comparing the Personality Types, Quality of Life and Coping Styles in Men Consuming Crack and Healthy Individuals PDF
Mahnoush Zokaee kheyrabi, Abdolali Yaghoubi, Tahereh Golestani bakht pp. 1236-1244