European Science Journals: EOJNSS, JAELT, more to come...

Vol 10, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents

Natural science section

Eco-trophic Relationships and Frequency of Occurrence of Mycobiota of Some Trees grown on the Roadside: the Case of Baku Highways PDF
Panah Z. Muradov, Narmin N. Farzaliyeva, Sabiya M. Jabrailzade, Leyla S. Hasanova, Gulnar Ch. Qasimova, Afet O. Mammadova pp. 34-42
Heliotropium indicum L. and Heliotropium keralense Sivar. & Manilal, J.: DNA Barcoding Studies for Species Identity PDF
Tojo Jose, V.T. Antony pp. 116-122

Social science section

A Study to Investigate the Obstacles of Educational Technology in Curriculum; University Students’ Perception PDF
Hafiz Muhammad Ihsan Zafeer, Chen Peng, Summaira Rehman, Zhao Wei, Samra Maqbool pp. 1-8
What Should be Mastered by Elementary, Junior and Senior High School Teachers Related to the Concept of Evolution? PDF
Susanti Wulandari, Nuryani Y. Rustaman, Ari Widodo, I Nyoman Pugeg Aryantha pp. 9-18
Psychological Wellbeing, Job Burnout and Counter Productive Work Behavior among Drivers of Car Hailing Services in Pakistan: Moderating Role of Captains’ Personality Traits PDF
Kainat Naeem, Ali Jawad, Saif-UR Rehman, Umair Javaid pp. 19-33
Performance of Governance in Pakistan and The Causes of its Crisis PDF
Munim Matin Afridi, Zarbakht Bilal pp. 43-51
Does Current Account Increase the Economic Growth in Bangladesh? The Analysis of GMM Technique PDF
Md. Hasanur Rahman, Azer Dilanchiev pp. 52-69
Impact of Social Networks on Entrepreneurial Success of Mobile Phone Retailers PDF
Komal Ibrahim, Nadeem Uz Zaman, Bilal Sarwar, Noor Muhammad, Hadi Hassan Khan, Mumraiz Khan Kasi pp. 70-84
Covid-19 Pandemic Peak Period-Challenges and Overcoming Measures followed in the Star-Rated Hotels in Gondar town, Ethiopia PDF
Thamimul Ansari Peer Mohamed pp. 85-92
Realistic Mathematics Education in Traditional Community Culture PDF
Uba Umbara pp. 93-101
Assessment on Proficiency of Using Information and Communication Technology among Students of University of Lahore (Sargodha Campus), Pakistan PDF
Uzma Sarwar, Kiran Fazal, Samina Zamir, Samra Maqbool, Zahid Hussain, Zhan Yong Qi pp. 102-115
3C’S of Management among Local Universities and Colleges in the National Capital Region toward Building Employees Empowerment and Job Satisfaction PDF
Gregoro A. Reyes pp. 123-152
Moderating Role of Organizational Climate between Leadership and Employee Innovative Work Behavior: An Empirical Investigation at National Level PDF
Muhammad Faisal Aziz, Fazilat Jahan pp. 153-164
Can ‘Reward and Punishment’ Improve Student Motivation? PDF
Muhammad Fuad, Edi Suyanto, Ulul Azmi Muhammad pp. 165-171
A Review on Leveraging from Block-chain Technology to Improve Supply-chain Management in the Construction Industry PDF
Khawar Ahmed Khan, Fei Ma, Shaif Noor, Maryam Ali, Fatima Kubra pp. 172-184
Perspectives on College Students Demotivation Factors for Learning English Language PDF
Quratulain Talpur, Inayatullah Kakepoto, Khuda Bux Jalbani pp. 185-194